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Recognizing Celeste (AKA Bubbles)

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      I want to thank you for all that you do for all of us. You have been NED for years and you still tirelessly consolidate research (and make it understandable) for all of us. You are here to offer your support and experience when we need it. Your blog has been invaluable and has taught me most everything I know about Melanoma. I think (and hope) I speak for all of us when I say thank you, from the heart, for your help, knowledge, and support!! You are an absolutely a Warrior and a victorious Warrior at that! Thanks for leading the way.



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          I 100% agree with everything Tex said. 


            agreed  ty



              E eeck eck.



                Yes, Indeed!


                  Celeste/Bubbles is a true hero!

                    Truth! Thank you, Celeste!!

                        Ditto!  Thank you, Celeste!!


                        Thanks Celeste!


                          Yep, like Tex said…You where the 1st person to greet me matter-of-fact, when i signed up here at MRF & i thank you for that alone, may you STAY NED for the rest of your days..


                            Agree with all of that Tex! Celeste is the bestest!

                            adriana cooper

                              And a truly compassionate and caring person. Even though I have never met her in person, she is someone I'd call a friend. ( I don't dish that term out lightly)



                                Agree wtih everything! Celeste is such an inspiration and a true hero!

                                ed williams

                                  Hi Tex, I had to stop going to her blog, like the Facebook addiction that is happening around the world, I found myself going back again and again looking at at the latest and greatest sewing ideas!!! I do find it funny that anon has not chimed in yet, we all know that he or she really does love "Bubbles". 


                                    I agree for sure.  Thank you! We would be so much less informed without you.


                                      I too would like to thank you Celeste – for your medical advice and for keeping us informed, but also for sharing your attitude to life in general, which I think is a good one for all us sufferers here. I am also amazed at what you did years ago, what you put yourself through – your diagnosis must have been very scary and the treatment on offer was experimental, but you went for it, somehow managed to fly every two weeks to Tampa and back, and somehow managed to live your life at the same time. I am grateful to you for your personal advice, and to you for just sticking around, because it can be quite painful here.

                                      Your holiday pics are great and inspire me too. I dont think I am ever going to take up sewing but if I have to face another round of surgery – I think will stick to reading and netflix – but who knows?

                                      Thank you for your help (and to others here who share their advice and experiences)



                                          Yup she's knows it all


                                          This blog literally saved my life.  It was here I gained the insight to seek out a specialist, and became educated so I could be my own advocate.

                                          Clearly, as much as any doctor has helped me, Celeste has done just as much, and for so many.

                                          Awesomeness personified. Mahalo Celeste


                                            Yes! Many thanks!!


                                              Oh, my gracious guys.  This was an unexpected kindness to see thrown my way today!!!

                                              You are too sweet, Tex/Brad!  But, this really isn't about me.  If I have helped any of you, I am ever so glad.  This forum and all of you on it, PROVES ~ it takes a village!  I do what I do in complete and utter defiance of melanoma and the pain it causes.  I have been fortunate to have a good support system and access to care that far too many have not.  I try to return what I was lucky enough to be given through meaningful data presented in a comprehensible way, with a bit of fun and cyber hugs when I can. 

                                              I have received far more here than I have ever shared.  Like my dear sweet Rob implies, I too have a great number of acquaintances, but a handful of dear ones.  And many of those dear souls, I met in melanoma world.  I have been blessed to meet some of you in person, am email pals with others, and share this forum with the rest of you.  I am grateful.  I laugh out loud when “Ratties”, “Green hairy wizard balls”, and “melanoma peeps” are included in the vernacular!  I love all you ratties.  And, because Ed runs with scissors, he is my special mouse; my brother from another mother, who gets me IN just as much trouble as he gets me OUT of!!!! 

                                              We each have our role.  We can all come here to ask questions, address our fears, lend an ear, give support, share what we have learned.  Seriously!!!  What would we do without Janner????  Ed's web videos make the crazy word salad that is melanoma treatment understandable. We represent every corner of the globe.  Small towns and big cities.  Together we are strong.  Let's strive to follow the lead provided by a man whose light and life shined brighter than most, who I will hold forever in my heart, and feel blessed to have known….

                                              “To those who contribute knowledge and advice…keep it going, it's invaluable. Those who just support and offer comfort…stick around, it's uplifting and meaningful.”     ~ Josh

                                              Hang tough, my friends.  Together, we can make things better for all of us.  Much love to each of you, celeste



                                                  She definitely deserves all the praise she’s gotten on this post, such an inspiration and selfless human being 


                                                    You deserve all the love and kindness being thrown your way and more. On a personal note when I was struggling to come to terms with my "terminal diagnosis" your summaries and insights provided me with the tools and inspiration to fight this disease, I'm a stronger person because of this village.


                                                      Celeste, all these kind and thoughtful comments are well deserved.  And I am so glad that Jonathan and I have had a chance to meet you.  Love, Françoise (and Jonathan too).


                                                        I was scrolling through posts today (made later than this one), and I came across Celeste offering sage advice to a new person. I thought to myself: "I should really put up a post saying 'THANK YOU CELESTE!' so that she hears from her man fans about what AMAZING work she does on this board. Then I scroll down a few more posts, and here it is!! 

                                                        Celeste–Your blog, your guidance, and as someone else pointed out above, your ATTITUDE toward all of this have made such a difference in my life, and I'm only a few months into this journey. As a lawyer, I have to hire "expert witnesses" for trials, and the first question I ask is: "Sure, they know quite a bit, but can they break down their knowledge and put it out there in a way that the average juror could understand it?" You would be the PERFECT expert witness on melanoma, but also on the subject of keeping the right attitude in the face of being dealt a ridiculously crappy hand of cards. You're a "leader" in every true sense of the word, and you lead by example. Thank you for all your hard work, and utilizing the gift you have of breaking things down into bite-size morsels that we mere mortals can chew up and digest.  A tip of the hat and a toast with a glass of "bubbly" for "Bubbles"!!


                                                          "man fans" should be "many fans" but either way works!


                                                          Absolutely!  Celeste, you have changed disease trajectories and soothed so many troubled souls with your knowledge and kindness.  I would also like to thank everone else on this board for their contributions.  I can't think of a more giving, caring group of people who have done so much good with words.  thank you all.


                                                            Agree with all comments above. Although I recently lost my soul mate to this beast, I would find myself always going to Celeste's blog for information. I always felt a sense of relief that I had some place to go for detailed, easy to understand information. Thank you so much Celeste.  

                                                            Thank you all on this board as well. I learned so much and received so much support from people I had never met. That is priceless.  I will continue to pray for all of you and will continue to spread the word about this misunderstood  cancer. 

                                                            Julie (Bob's wife)


                                                              Same, deep appreciation for your kindness, wisdom, and communication skill!


                                                                Big thanks to Celeste always got a answer to your questions. Also big thanks to all you lovely people on this forum it's nice to share different experiences and advice in all treatments and support in general dealing with melanoma. I am stage IV liver, lungs, head . Head clear at present lungs liver stable , found 2 lymph nodes in chest up last year after car accident. On keydruda having 9th dose Monday latest scan lymph nodes reduced am praying for one day I can say NED even thou there is no guareentee of staying NED but I do believe in hope. I have a lovely husband 2 grown up children and I want to be around to see them get married be a nan and lots more.  My dog Oscar keeps me going too he always by my side with lots of love. 

                                                                God bless us all


                                                                Nick C

                                                                  Celeste, you are the best! You have a way of getting thru the medical jargon and putting in everyday terms. Thank you!



                                                                    AMEN! So grateful for Celeste and her well-informed assistance … and all of you! ~ Carol

                                                                      I can’t say any more than other have already said. Thank you, Celeste for your support, knowledge, and love.
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