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Hello Family…

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      Alot has happened in the last 6 months, you all knw about my sigmoid colon surgery June 12th, but about a month after that, melanoma cells that wernt caught started growing and of course starts to give me pain over the span of 4 months, heavy pill regiment etc. All along doing chemotherapy of Paxel, Avistan and i forget the other but, just like all the other meds, Pembro, Opdivo, Yervoy then the Dr. Hamids 3 clinical trials i did, all didnt work for me like they may work for you. I have Mel tumors growing out my sphincter, its location isnt to feedable for radiation and surgery will cause unwanted grief and pain more then i need right now. Im currently in a Nursing facility and on Hospice, pretty much bed ridden till whatever the good Lord has for me, i can barely write, this has taken me probably an hour to do. I love you all just like before and always will..i will try to check in later ok? Stay warm its cold even here in So. California…xoxo
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          Oh, sweet Mike. I haven’t been on the board much lately, as COVID has upended my life and caused too many distractions. However, just *yesterday* I logged on just to see if anyone had heard from you. I was disappointed to see no news, but now I wish that there were no posts because you were out surfing, or parasailing, or just enjoying your family. I truly hate that you are going through such an awful ordeal. Melanoma is simply a beast, and you have fought it so valiantly, and never lost your concern for others also in the battle. Please know you aren’t forgotten, and that you are loved dearly by all of us in this community. Much love, Susan.
            Hi mike, I don’t post much just lurk occasionally but always look for your posts. Just the fact that you spent an hour in pain just to make sure your “family” here is updated shows how amazing you are. I so hope Hospice can keep your pain to a minimum. You have a lot of people who care about you. xoxo
              Dear Mike, like others, I don´t post much, but every time I log on to this forum for news and comfort, I hope seeing a message from you, updating us and explaining the status quo with you great sense of humor.
              We have never met in person and we live on 2 different continents, but you have been a source of comfort for me an many others. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

              You are in my prayers and make sure you call in from time to time.

              Take good care .


                Oh mike, I am so sorry for all this. You are so special to this forum and to each of us. You have put out in the world more than the world has given you. And you have been a warrior for the rest of us. Your dedication to going before others and consenting to trials, will never be in vain, THANK YOU from all of us that will face this and other things in the future. I’m just wishing you less pain and more peace. I haven’t posted for several months, but I had a feeling to check today. Like everyone else, I always check for an update from you. MANY MANY HUGS! we love you.
                  Oh Sweet Mike. I am so very sorry for what you have endured and what you face now. I wish so very much that we knew better how to beat this horror so that amazing folks like you needn’t suffer. Yet, in that way you have been gracious and willing enough to teach all of us. Teach docs what’s what and what’s not through all the trials and treatments you have endured. Teach us what love and compassion really means. And you have taught all who have ever met you – virtually and otherwise – the meaning of courage. It is a rare and difficult thing, yet you have always found it. You light our way. Your incredible spirit has done more and touched more people than you can possibly realize. I hope you know that. I hope you have felt the love here. You have been a blessing to us. I wish you peace and comfort. Yours always, celeste
                    You should be proud for the way you’re conducting yourself. Thinking of you.
                      Mike, When I came to this board I was scared and beaten down. Your good cheer and jokes helped me so much. I am sorry it ends this way. I hope they can manage your pain and you are able to see friends and family. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
                        Dear Mike, am sorry for the pain you now have to go through, despite your incredible bravery. Am grateful for your presence on this Board, and the support you give all of us here.
                        i still wish and pray for a good outcome
                          Your sense of humor, knowledge and the care you show for all of us in the melanoma community is what we all need, love and appreciate. Sending lots of love and prayers your way as you continue your journey.

                            You are a true inspiration and I wish you the best.

                              Oh Mike, have been wondering how you are doing. Your kindness and humor has been so healing to all of us. Hope you can feel our caring and love. I haven’t many words. But I wish you so much peace.
                                Hi Mike,
                                You are the ultimate happy warrior. You are an inspiration to so many on this site, bringing so much information and many smiles. Whatever occurs moving forward I wish you all the peace and comfort this facility is able to provide.

                                With great respect and affection,

                                Stan (SABKLYN)

                                  When I was first diagnosed, I turned to this forum. I read hundreds of posts and noticed you had taken the time to answer and help almost every warrior possible. Me included. You and Bubbles are so important to all of us. I have always felt, that life is about giving, helping, and teaching others. You are the ultimate human being when it comes to those things. Please know, I along with numerous others love you from the bottom of our heart. May Angels surround you with their wings and hold you tight with feathered Hugs.

                                  Sincerely with the utmost love,

                                    Mike. DUDE! WARRIOR! I read this post first yesterday turned and told my wife about it, couldn’t post as I was too emotional. I was emotional because you have been such a huge and precious part of so many lives that use this forum as a source. I can’t and won’t say this it. I will say, till next time dear brother.
                                    We love you dearly,
                                      Hey Mike
                                      Long time no speak – so sorry to hear this news and hoping and praying things work out for you. You have had the toughest ride of anyone I know and I hope they can deal with your pain for you.

                                      You have always been a bright light on this forum and I hope you continue to be so.
                                      All my best

                                        We appreciate your knowledge and courage to share your thoughts with all of us. As I have been also on the same page dealing with this it brings a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your thoughts hope everyone heals soon.
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