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      So, i was in line at the bank cashing our Stimulus check and this guy walks up behind me and ask’s “Is this the back of the line”? I said “No, this is the front of the line and we’re all standing backwards”..
      I dont get out much cuz of my health, the pain, the anemia, and now the 3rd virus that China has released to my country COVID-19 so, i may have been to rough on the guy at the bank haha..Anyways, Here i am family! After all these months, seems like years since i last wrote, iv had a “transfusion” a few weeks ago, i needed blood, im apparently bleeding a tad quicker then i can produce it so, im sure transfusions are in my cards, especially if i keep staying at or below 7.1 on my Hemoglobin (this last time), it kept going down so we handled it. And boy do they make you feel better! Like nite/day! I even thanked the prior owner who donated it! I just wish i can get a grip on pain management, like you all know, my Naproxens have been very good to me thru all my prior surgeries, tumor pain, or those deep nerve pains i use to get back before they pulled out that what, “8cm” Mel monster out my right lung, but now there failing to work on my growing Sigmoid tumor wich is giving us the middle finger in CT scan photos, last scan 2 months ago, it measured 5.0, now its 7.1, just shy of 3 inches, 2.1cm growth in 3 months time, try havin’ fun with that in your Sig.. Oh! But! All other tumors have shrank in half! Ill show you my Pathos Report on separate post, atleast something positive is FINALLY happening!! Ive been offered opiate type meds by my Palliative doc but always passed on them, i think its time to try something, ill see him next Wednesday during my infusion, hes been great, really trying his best to hone in on different medications to relieve the constipation caused by the damn monster thats road blocking my waste tunnel! Cenna and Milk of Magnesia (this will be #4), the pain has made me cry a few times, it just busted out of me like the Hoover Dam, heating pads, electric messager, ice packs help but, its all in my head i think, the monster leaves when it wants to leave…Now, the surgery card “is” in my oncologists back pocket but, as he put it with my last tumor, “I’d rather have your therapy (ox40/icos) do the work and not cut you open every time”….I get what he’s saying and on paper thats great but, in real time hes not the one feeling this demon eat my guts either. He knows how i feel & has faith i can endure it just a little longer which i think i can, its become my usual norm, including my last bulging painful tumor on my side that was finally taken out, im used to “taking one for the team” just to get to my next scan and see what size he is, then maybe i can have a Quality Of Surgery. My next scan is June 3rd so, fingers crossed..
      Well ya’all, i wrote a book and i should have some courtesy and leave some of MRF’s storage available for the next person, I love you all and hope your stable at the very least, im gunna browse & catch up, hope to be back soon, i can never promise these days….Mike PS: and thank you to the person who reached out awhile ago, i forgot your name, my wife said it but since then its sliped my mind, always feel free to write her for an update, it makes us both feel good at the right time..
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          Mikey, so great to hear from you. So so sorry for all the pain an suffering you’re going through. We all keeping our toes and fingers crossed for you.
            Great to hear from you. I know you live in California, you have medical cannabis. Have you tried that for your pain? I live in MN and take it and get a pretty good sleep most nights! Praying and hoping that you get some relief from that big beast in your siggy!
              Hey Buddy!
              Glad you were feeling well enough to write. You have been through some hellacious crap to say the least!!! So very sorry for all of it! Hang in there. Hope they can get you feeling even better very soon!!! Hugs and love, celeste
                Great to hear from you Mike and hoping you put Mel on the run completely and permanently. Best wishes, my friend
                  Thank you so much for the update! June 3rd will be here before you know it. Take those pain meds if you need them, especially if you can’t sleep at night because of Ziggy.
                    Great to hear from you. You are in my prayers and keep fighting .. you will beat this sucker !
                        Mike, thanks for writing, good luck with the pain and for your next scans and that this last tumour will shrink soon
                        I’m so glad to see your name, Mike – glad for the progress, sad for the pain, but if anyone can slay that monster, you can! Take care – we’re all rallying for you!
                        Julie in SoCal
                          YEAAAAAAAAA!!! So glad to see this post, not so happy with the pain and monster in your garbage disposal. UGH.

                          But seriously, It’s always good to see a Melanoma Mike post. You make me laugh.


                            So glad to hear from you and that you are up and about! Sorry for the monster and the pain. Hoping other tumors would shrink for good and maybe you could get the monster out once and for all!
                            You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
                              Hi Mike so good you managed to pop on say hello and update us. You are a tough cookie hun. Sorry your struggling with pain, but glad you have a great team beside you. Will be praying for you and keep popping in .you can do this mike keep strong my friend
                                MIKE!!!!! So good to see your post! I’m a big fan of Naproxen, but I agree with Linny, probably time to try a little more pain management while going through this, I applaud your previous restraint, but I think pain management is key right now.. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through (my mom had some of these issues, it is brutal), but so glad to hear the other tumors shrank. Now it’s time for Sig to start disappearing too. Will be keeping your next scans on my radar, keeping all fingers crossed along with you. We have missed you but completely understand your energy needs to go to this! MANY HUGS!
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