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Mel or Larry? Who’s the big winner?

Forums General Melanoma Community Mel or Larry? Who’s the big winner?

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    Julie in SoCal

      Ok joking aside. I went to see the Rock Star Doc yesterday afternoon and the news is that I have lung cancer, not melanoma, in my rib (yes, that’s why it hurts), and neck lymph modes. The abnormal PET uptake in my right shoulder is from a torn rotator cuff. Seems perverse to be happy about a torn rotator cuff, but I am.

      So the plan is to have Mel surgery probably next Monday to remove 2 small pieces of mel funk on my left arm. Then probably take Vizimpro, a targeted TKI chemotherapy for the lung cancer. Vizimpro is a new “third generation” TKI that targets a gene mutation that is in my lung cancer. It’s relatively new (2018) but the outcome data is a tad better than the other TKIs. And I am a mutant, but then you knew that.

      In talking with the Rock Star and his band, they say that it’s better that it is lung cancer as I have already burned through a lot of Mel treatments and coming up with something that will work may be a little creative. I suppose this is good. I am only on my second line of LC treatment., but I have moved from stage 3 to stage 4. And from treat with curative intent to palliative intent. And the TKI chemo drug is a long haul (“continue until progression or untolerable side effect). I’m not sure I’m ready to “have the flu” for the foreseeable future.Ok I”m starting to whine now,…

      Still trying to wrap my head around all of this..

      Thank you, friends!

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          Good grief!! Julie you can whine scream, yell, curse….whatever floats your boat!!! I hear you and raise a glass of understanding regarding the crazy conundrum of ~ “So, I should be glad I have a cancer OTHER than melanoma????!!!!” Mercy. Crazy and unjust is not the word. Still, I know you are a tough, amazing and positive soul! Sounds like you (and your Rock Doc) have a solid, well thought out and researched plan. I know you will come through this like the trooper you are. I will be holding you in my heart and have all things crossed that side effects are minimal and success is GRAND!!! Love you bunches! Hugs! les
            Girl you are allowed to whine all you want! You are in my prayers. I appreciate your sense of humor and attitude so much.
              I was going to write just, “Stop your bitching”, but you never know how things will be received ;)

              That’s a lot to deal with. Hope the surgery and treatments go well.

                Wishing you the best with the new Larry drowning juice! Being a fellow Rock Star patient I was wondering who is going to perform the hackatory on the Mel? You will “Mutate” into a cancer resistant being!

                Best, Paul

                  Oh Julie, that just sucks, whining is more than justified and your whining is so relatively mild to the situation at hand. You deserve a break, I’m wishing this for you and praying (I’m not religious but you are that important) that you don’t have to deal with too much during this treatment.

                  I hate Larry

                  I was really hoping for a divorce from Larry, but looks like we are in the counseling stage now.

                  Julie, you are in my heart and hope this all goes well quickly.

                    Hi Sis, wow! So your lung monsters arnt Mel monsters after all? What a trip! And i imagine you even had a biopsy before this? I mean, i know “error” is a common place, i to had a miss diagnosis back in 2017 on my left leg, it came back as some kinda “Somethin'” but NOT melanoma, 2 or 3 months later it grew back (they did a shave the first then second time) and all of a sudden its Melanoma!! WTH? AND now it had spread to my lungs..
                    Im glad they found a treatment for your now NSCLC theres a bit more to choose from in meds to fight it then Mel, lucky you!! Anyways , read my post, my own story gets better and better every day! Love ya SoCal Sis!
                      Julie am sorry hun it bloody sucks. Glad they got a plan for you . You are amazing strong funny lady and keeps chin up and fights through everything that’s been thrown at you. Keep smiling thinking of you sending hugs .
                        That’s a really tough run and I’m really sorry to hear it. The good news is you have options available to you and that is very good indeed and hopefully it will work well for you
                        Best of luck
                          Oh my goodness, friend – sending ALL the internet hugs your way!!!!!


                            So sorry to hear of your new diagnosis but sounds like you have a good plan in place and you are a warrior. Sending only good wishes and thoughts your way!
                              Sending hugs your way!
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