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      Hi family, i hope you all are well and stable im here at Cedars Sinai, the pain i was having in my ass as we already knew, is fact Melanoma and is growing into nerves in my rectal area! Aaaaaaggghhh!!! The pain was to much i tapped out and here i am. They ran test did another CT scan and the tumors are growing fast as hell as well as the 2 new tumors on my liver, comparing August CT scan to Mondays scan ill get you all numbers later, i can barely type and read, msinly because my new buddy named PCA has me doped up in Hydromorpone Diludad i can press the trigger every 15 minutes, theres limits but forget the time sequence blah blah..My clinical trial has been paused, i never started it remember? I didnt make the appt to sign papers, so, Dr. Hamid has new plan, do a Nerve Block and low dose radiation to the tumors in my rectum for relief, more long term relief that way we can possibly look at some well tolerated “chemo” types, Cisplatin etc. We need to act faster then before i guess, this latest CT said all he needed to see. I saw the radiation folks, sounds doable and i do the Nerve block tomorrow at 11am and another CT scan for the radiation folks so they can do what they called a “body layout” of me lol…
      Well guys i gotta go, i can barely see i love you and ill be back to give you the latest….Melanoma Mike
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          Well shit fire!!! (Apparently – that’s how it feels literally! huh?) Oh, Mike. I am so sorry. Was so hoping your pain was due to some flukey weirdness rather than more melanoma madness. Hopeful that between your PCA pump and the nerve block you will soon have some significant relief!!! Then, you and Hamid can get into attack mode. The radiology plan sounds good to me. Hang tough, buddy. Lord knows you have had to do so 99 zillion times more than once! love, c
            Hey Mike, I hope they get you maximum relief quickly. BTW the chicken soup at Cedars is pretty good and you might be able to tolerate it. Just get it in a mug and you may sip it. Sometimes a tiny bit of liquid comfort helps.
              I’ll have to get googling to find out what a “nerve block” is, but I’m hoping it works.
                Hey Mike,
                You need to know you are a inspiration to all of us. Get the pain under control and move on to the next step of your process to beat this POS desease. Let us know how your doing when you can and know, we all love you.


                  Hoping for some quick relief for you. I was recently diagnosed with nodular on the scalp malignant melanoma and my wife has named it the cancer turd. Sounds like that may be an appropo name for your current situation. Hang tough and enjoy the meds if you can – the relief must be welcoming.
                    Hang in there Mike. I dearly hope the intervention will soon bring some relief. Then you will have energy again to fight Melanoma and beat the sucker into permanent remission.

                    My thoughts are with you. Take good care. Christian

                      Dear Mike,

                      I am glad that you and Hamid have a plan! It sounds complicated and tough but I hope that they fix the pain first, and then are able to try other approaches
                      I cannot believe all you are going through but wish you strength
                      Take care Mark

                        Hey Mike- one day at a time. Once you get the pain under control you can take the next step! Sending extra prayers out to you and your team. Take care.
                          Hey Mike, adding my name to the list of MPIP peeps that are sending all our energy your way. I’m so sorry you are in this much pain, but I’m hoping the nerve block greatly helps. The block should be done now that I’m writing this, so hoping you are already getting relief and ready to take on the next treatment. I’m so glad you got Dr. Hamid leading your team, I feel better knowing that you have someone as fast acting as Dr. Hamid in your corner. MANY HUGS! Hoping you are resting right now and have some relief. Stay strong and we’ll keep sending out our message to the universe on your behalf.
                            Hey Mike,
                            So sorry for the discomfort and I’m sure the frustration. I’m really glad you’re in a place where you are getting relief from the pain with a follow up plan after your nerve block. I know you’ll hang tough and all of us are thinking of you during tis pain in the a** period in your treatment. Hang tough Mike!
                            All the best,


                                I hope the pain in your butt is under control soon, literally and figuratively! I hope this plan is the one that brings you success! We are all thinking of you and admire you strength and determination.
                                You are a true warrior. More strenght and healing to you Mike ! Reading your posts gives me strength to fight this for my mom. Sorry for the suggestion but I would recommend you change your name from MelanomaMike to FighterMike. Take that melanoma out of your name. Good Luck
                                  They say that bad things come in 3’s. Well, your lung monster, followed by your intestine obstruction monster and now this one. That means that the bad luck should leave you finally once and for all. Your unrelentless bravery despite all you have and are going through is unfathomable. I have nothing but the highest respect for you. Mike, you are definitely my SUPERHERO!
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                                      I haven’t logged in here in a really long time….was so sorry to hear you are struggling! We spent 6 months there with Hamid. You are in good hands and I am hoping to hear an update soon! Prayers Mike!! ❤️
                                        Hi Mike, I haven’t posted in a long time. My husband has finished his 1 year long immunotherapy and his PET scans were all clear. Of course we are all relieved and happy, but you and so many in this support group have made it possible for me to hang in there. I do so want you too to come through with this most recent battle with the growing and new melanomas. Please keep fighting them. I will keep praying that you beat every single cell of it.
                                        With love and best wishes.
                                          Hi Mike , I have just been thinking how you was so logged on. So sorry you are in a lot of pain . Hope they get you more comfortable.
                                          You are strong, brave so get your fighting head on and kick some arse.
                                          Sending love strength .
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