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      Hi ya’ll, here i am!, i hope you all and your family/loved ones are stable at the very least, being stable is a victory, especially when a lot of us have been nothing better then that for a very long time……
      Ok, today i did one last biopsy to yes, you guessed it, the Necrotic tumor on my side lol, (6cm now mind you) its to satisfy my next Clinical trial that ill began tomorrow!, a growing necrotic tumor, if that isnt an oxymoron example, then i dont know anything haha, its the easiest accessible tumor to get at, otherwise its a Jacques Cousteau journey into my intestine, lungs and or deep in my butt muscle (CT guided type) whats even funnier (and a long time coming) that mass is GONE this Thursday! Finally, it will be my one much needed battle victory that im not waiting & waiting on a chemical to destroy it, a couple hours in Marks hands & its a goner! My new surgeon Dr. Mark Faires is great, very smart & hes in my corner, look him up…My two meds that ill have flowing thru my veins is OX40 in combo with ISCO. Im very hopeful, GlaxoKlineSmith (GSK) is the manufacturer, they make great stuff that works haha..Well guys, gotta get up early, they want me there at the crack of dawn, trials arnt no joke, ill be there most the day being monitored, poked & prodded, and the blood, so much blood they take from me lol…love ya guys, ill be back after my 2 days of battle…
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          Thanks for the update, Mike! A.ways good to hear from you.. Good luck tomorrow and hoping you’ll begin racking up a bunch of wins!
            So great to hear from you! Sending prayers and all the good vibes your way!
              Glad to see that the witty, old Mike is back! The Jacques Cousteau journey had me laughing. It’s wonderful that you are finally getting rid of the necrotic monster and already have a new trial lined up.
              Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you a speedy recovery.
                  It was great to hear some encouraging news from you. Best of luck tomorrow
                  Great to hear from you….glad you have a good surgeon to take care of your butt! Too bad he can’t pull and Jacques Cousteau and get all them buggers out of their, but glad you are getting some relief. I hope the poking and prodding doesn’t wreak too much havoc in your body and that the new trial starts shrinking everything asap especially that necrotic growing sucker! Blessings and prayers for you brother, we love you and love hearing from you.
                    Take care, Mike – we’re all here cheering you on!


                      Good luck with your trial Mike! Sending all the good vibes your way.
                        Oh thank God you’ll finally be rid of that funky mass! Praying that this new bug juice is exactly what you need to kick melanoma’s butt.
                          Woo hoo! Win number one in the books. So glad they are taking that out! As they say in tennis (well actually it’s just me that says this), “you can’t get to 6-0 unless it’s 1-0 first!” We’ll be looking for your update, thank you again for being a warrior for the rest of us. THANK YOU. Just glad to hear from you…..
                            Why IS everything in melanoma world scheduled for the butt-crack of dawn???? Oh, well!! Glad you’re getting rid of the side hustle at long last!!! Melanoma trials aren’t for sissies, but you got this!!! love, c
                              So glad to see you here and lovely. Hope the recovery is swift and leave you feeling better.
                                Take care Mike. Your new doctor sounds great. Keep us updated.
                                  Hi Mike, good to hear from you again about the latest news. I told you before, you will beat this disease.

                                  I admire your courage and your strength.

                                  Thanks for being a role model.

                                  Best wishes.


                                    Hey Mike, you are my hero. I often check in here, just to see how you are doing. I wrote lots of your encouraging posts. Even in your dark hours you give hope to others. That’s so wonderful. I wish you all the best for your surgery and a very quick recovery. :* Always stay positive!
                                      Mike! You have been on my mind, thank you for updating all of us. I will be praying and sending ALL the good energy your way.
                                        Very best wishes on procedural success! Thanks for checking in, and know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers.
                                          Good luck, buddy. I’m praying for the day that you can go back to being just plain Mike!


                                            Great to hear from you. Cant wait to hear your success story from this trial.
                                              Thanks for the update Mike. Best of luck with the new trial. Imagine it will feel great physically and mentally to get that big sucker gone!
                                                SO VERY glad to hear that you are still fighting the good fight. Praying for success of your treatment.
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