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Updates to the Patient Forum!

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    As the MRF and our webpage vendor make improvements to the Patient Forum, we’ll communicate those changes in this post.

    Changes as of December 1, 2021
    1) Removed emojis
    2) Users can now view the 10 most recent posts (this was increased from 3)
    3) Removed some broken links that freed up some space at the top of the page

    These aren’t the only planned changes; we still have plans for additional improvements that will be rolled out over the next few months based on the community’s feedback.

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        Additional changes as of December 22, 2021
        1) Edited the number of tags (relevant keywords that can help in categorizing posts) from 40+ to approximately 10
        2) Changed out the editor to allow for easier/cleaner posting (hopefully no more garbled posts when trying to copy/paste!)
        3) Made changes to font color/size to be consistent with accessibility guidelines, making it easier to read. Decreased the empty white space.

        As always, please reach out to [email protected] should you have any questions or issues.

        Happy Holidays from the MRF!

          Hi Amy,

          whilr I welcome any functionality improvement on this forum, I think the most important issue has not been adressed yet.

          When will we get the Profile information / patient history back?

          All this data somehow did not make it into the new forum when the transition occurred.

          Thanks in advance


            We are addressing the profile issue and are considering 3 or 4 options of how best to move forward; however, this is a large undertaking and will take the longest time to implement. Please continue to be patient on this specific issue. I can’t promise how it will be resolved at this time, but we’re hopeful it will meet most people’s needs.
              More changes as of January 28, 2022:
              1) Removed the badges, as few people were using them.
              2) Moved the FAQ and other icons from the right side of the page to the top for easier access.
              3) Switched to a private messaging option. This is similar to direct messaging on other social media platforms and will allow users to have private, direct conversations with each other.
              4) Streamlined the profile page form to allow for easier completion. This can be accessed by clicking the “manage profile” button at the top of the page and clicking the top option ‘edit profile’.
              5) Made additional changes to font color/size to be consistent with accessibility guidelines, making it easier to read. Decreased the empty white space.

              Regarding the old profiles: we continue to work to see if they can be restored. It is something we know is important and continue to try to solve, but it is proving to be a challenge.

              As always, please reach out to [email protected] should you have any questions or issues.

                Thanks for your work.
                  I was active here for many years. Had the privilege of meeting many fellow patients in person especially at get together that were sponsored by the MRF back in the old days. Years ago I was volunteer of the year at Moffit Cancer Center and organized patient support group get together. I hope this board is able to rebuild to the level it used to be. Information can save lives!
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