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    adriana cooper

      Last night at about 8 PM my best friend, my wife, my world, left all of the pain, the medicine and all of the other nonsense in this earth behind. She was in the comfort of my arms around her, (her comforting me,) with our family at our side. Although, the fighter that Adriana is, it did not seem easy for her, I hope that I was able to keep any pain and discomfort in check for her and that she was only able to feel the immense love that I have for her.

      I would like to thank the many people on here (Celeste, Maria, Samantha Stamps, Glen and Loretta Vangampler (Artie's parents), Connie and the many numerous others) as well as friends on other melanoma websites over they years for the support and guidance that you have provided us. It has been my pleasure and honor to care for and share the largest part of my life over too short of a time.

      Live your lives to the fullest and don't take it for granted no matter what stage you are in. Educate yourselves and others so that you may survive this horrible disease. And may the researchers  please double their efforts to find a cure, and compassion for those that need a chance at the various trials when they have no other choice, everything to gain and nothing to loose.
      Along with her son, brother and father that have gone before Adriana, may those that have left this world due to this disease before her welcome her and comfort her with their arms around her and guide her down the path to eternal happiness.

      Adriana, I have a hole in my heart and emptiness in my life without you. I love you.

      Best Wishes and Thanks to All
      Rob Murphy- Best Friend and Husband to Adriana Cooper

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          Rob – so sorry for your loss.  As a 3A going on almost 3 years…I never really know how to respond to posts like this.  Melanoma is such a horrible disease with many good folks losing their fights….but also this board is full of more hope than ever before.  (even more and more since being diagnosed in late 2014)

          Thanks for sharing your journey…and my heartfelt sympathies for your loss.

          All the best



            Oh, Rob.  I am so sorry.  I have loved you both and always will.  Take good care of you.  love, c


              Oh Rob,

              I never thought I would ever use a word beautiful in this context, but I just have to… Your Adriana ( with the most beautiful name ever in my opinion) passed in the most beautiful and loving way possible… She deserved it so much and You made it all possible for her…

              I am deeply sorry for your loss, but know that you shared more with her than the majority of us ever will… You are such an inspiration ( even though you think you are just an ordinary guy who loved his wife), an amazing human being…

              Prayers for you and your family…,





                I am so sorry Rob. Sending love and peace to you. 


                  Rob, I know your loss seems overwhelming, and I'm so sorry.  Adriana knew that you adored her and would do anything for her; I'm sure she left this world at peace knowing how much she was loved.  Be good to yourself now.

                  sister of patient

                    I am so sorry Rob! How lovely for Adriana tho to be wrapped in your arms … what special people you both are – it's no wonder you found each other in this life. And from what you've described, with many family members waiting for her, no doubt a grand reunion is being celebrated. Hoping some peace finds its way to your heart quickly!



                      This is heartbreaking and I have no words to describe how sorry I am. Sending you love, comfort, and prayers during this time.  You have been such an amazing caregiver to Adriana.


                        So sorry for your loss, God bless you all .



                            Rob, I am so very sorry.  I am holding you in the light and sending peace and love.




                            I am so sorry Rob.  I have followed your posts since I read Adriana's profile a few years ago and again am so sorry about her passing.


                              I'm heartbroken for you, Rob. Praying you find comfort in your lovely memories of Adriana.



                                i am so very, very sorry for your loss.  Adriana was an amazing fighter and it was her love for you and her family that pushed her to fight so hard.  You have provided us all a perfect example of how to care for a loved one.  You looked for every solution, supported her both physically and mentally and made sure that she felt loved every day she was with you.  You were open with everyone on some of the details showing how hard it is for a care-giver and of course, for the poor patient,  It is good to be open as it helps and inspires so many people and everyone feels like a big team in this together.

                                I know Adriana was very proud to have such a wonderful husband just as you were to love such a wonderful wife.

                                Today is the Memorial Service In Ireland for my husband, Juan, it is 2.5 months since he passed.  Although Spanish (and I am English), he found much joy over the years in this beautiful village and loved fishing here, so asked for me to bring his ashes.  All his close family and friends have come here to celebrate his life.

                                it has comforted me to plan this and make it as perfect for him as possible.  If there is something or somewhere special that you know Adriana would have loved (whether she told you or not, I know you know anyway), then maybe you could take your time to plan something special, it has been the best therapy for me.  You can do it in the months or even years to come, grieving cannot be rushed. 

                                May God bless you and all the family.  And Thank You, Rob, for all the support, advice and love you have shown to all melanoma sufferers and their care-givers on this forum.  You are truly a special man.




                                  Dear rob. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. We are heartbroken to hear this outcome but I'm sure all hoping to have a loving partner with us when the time comes. You have been amacing and an inspiration to us all



                                    Rob – I am so sorry for your devastating loss.  You have been an inspiration to all caregivers.  Your dedication and loving care was evident in every post.  Sending peace and prayers for you and Adriana.




                                            It made me cry to read your post today. I'm so terribly sorry for your devastating loss of your precious Adriana. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Your special love for each other was so evident!! Please take care of yourself as best as you can. My prayers are with you.





                                        So sorry for your loss!  She was lucky to have such an amazing person in her corner.  I'm sure you helped her in more ways than she could ever begin to describe.  🙂


                                          Prayers for all of you. Thank you for sharing this and for expressing yourself so well. I hope our prayers and love will carry you for awhile!




                                            Rob- I am soo very sorry to hear of Adrianas passing….i wish I had something profound to add to what others have said….no words can make it any better…but hoping some of your treasured memories will help you through the days ahead.

                                            My sincerest condolences,



                                              I am new here so only recently read Adriana's story.  I am very sad to hear about your loss.  Wishing you comfort and healing.



                                                Dearest Rob,  I have been reading aloud your journey to my husband and we have been so touched by you both.  The love that was shared between the two of you was so evident in your words. I pray that time will ease the emptiness and the belief Adrianna is in peace and not pain will comfort you.

                                                Much love,



                                                    Rob, I haven't been on the board for awhile so just saw this post and am so sorry for you and Adriana and family that have lost such a wonderful person.  I looked at your pictures on the site you posted when you got married, the pictures just glow with love and she looks so happy despite all she went through because she clearly had a lot of love around her.  And you were and are one of the most amazing caregivers ever.  So sorry and many hugs.  she was an angel here on earth as well, that was clear from the photos. 

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