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      We have lost some good ones recently and over the years to this terrible disease, but there is hope out there. This past Monday, I reached 3.5 years NED after another round of clear scans. That initial stage IV diagnosis seemed bleak at the time and I wondered what the future held as a large tumor was cut from my intestine right before my 40th birthday. Each clear scan after that surgery resulted in hope… at first small, but growing each time. I have been blessed so far as to not require treatment beyond surgery.

      So now I live my life the best I can and do not spend much time on this board. I do remember what it was like searching for answers on this board and hearing the occasional good news from long term survivors and it raised my spirits. So here I am to share that news – no matter how bleak it seems, NED may be right around the corner after that next surgery or that next treatment. All we can do is take one step at a time and hope for the best. Keep fighting! 

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          Loved your post and so very needed.  Thank you!




            Your post really eased some anxiety for me. Thank you for sharing your great news.


              Great news!  Thanks so much for sharing.  Hope the NED status continues indefintely.


                What a wonderful and encouraging update! Congrats and soak it all in. Thank you so much for sharing and lifting our spirits.


                  Such a wonderful inspiring post, thank you!


                    Congrats Kevin.  Good to hear from you.  Keep on keeping on!


                      Thanks for the encouragement, and best of health!



                        Kevin- Congrats on your WONDERFUL news……may it continue forever!!!!  This is also so encouraging for so many here…..

                        Again,  so happy for you and enjoy the good news!




                        sister of patient

                          Congratulations Kevin and thank you so much for posting – I love the longer-term NED stories!!

                          Best to you!



                            Thank u for such a positive news! pls keep sharing your experience with us. 

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