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    Julie in SoCal
      Good morning, Friends!

      Yes, melanoma is an E-Ticket ride filled with ups and downs and all kinds of surprises.

      Last Tues, Dr. E took out 3 blobs of melanoma meat. The largest was 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.0 cm, my largest to date. In the past, I’ve had many of these removed before and sometimes I’ve even had them removed with just a local. This was just fine, though keeping my arm still and in whatever odd “yoga” position the doc wanted it in was a challenge. This time, the doc wouldn’t do it under a local. He just explained that I didn’t need to be awake for all of this. I took his advice.

      And I’m so glad I did. I am now the proud owner of two very impressive, 6-inch incisions all up the backside of my arm! It looks like a shark bit me. Twice! So that’s the story I’m going with… I was surfing the pier and two sharks came from the depths and took a chunk. Of course, I finished my run of the pier and then got medical attention ;-). Anyone who knows this SoCal Girl will know that Julie doesn’t surf– tried it many moons ago in high school and found that it’s cold and wet. Mountains are more of my thing.

      Ok, so forgive all my many references to SoCal in this post. I’m just playing and very happy to be NED again!

      Wishing you peace,
      Julie in SoCal

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          Great news Julie, Please stay in NEDLAND, no more excursions to Surgeryland 🙂 Joke aside, this is terrific news. I am very happy for you. Take care and greetings from Germany.
            I like the shark bit story. Let’s hope you metaphorically bashed him in the. Lose for good.
              Congrats on NED again! Been surfing up here in Ventura with juvenile White sharks for years. No one’s been bit yet. Just a reminder that we aren’t at the top of the food chain out there. Heal up quickly and start trip planning asap. Best, Paul
                Well done Julie, hope you stay in NED for ever
                Best wishes Mark
                  Terrific news!
                    YES, sharks and all!!! The scars will literally be “behind you” once and for all. Only move forward.

                      So glad those chunks are gone, Julie! Still very sorry you had to endure that process ONE MORE TIME!! But, hopefully this time you can be DONE with melanoma!!! Love your story and all the So Cal Color!! Love and hugs! les
                          Very happy for you ….!
                            HAPPY DANCE COMMENCING! NED Forever is my wish for you Julie!
                              I have 6″ parallel scars on the inside of my right calf, with a large indentation where my tumor was removed. I was self-conscious about it and my kids said to tell anyone who asked that it was a shark bite! From the front it really does look like something took a chunk out of my leg, and no one has to know it was a surgeon and not a shark! Glad you’re NED!
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