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      I was able to contact Mike’s wife. The good part is most of his tumors are shrinking from the clinical trial he’s been on.

      The less than good news is the tumor in his sigmoid colon continues to grow (it’s currently at 7.1cm) and is causing Mike a lot of pain and distress. She said he is really struggling right now.

      That is all the news I have, but Mike is still fighting. I told her that he has been an inspiration to so many on this board, and he is often asked about.

      Please turn your thoughts and your prayers toward Mike and his wife, Hillary.


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          Strong prayers !!!
            Holding you in my heart, dear Mike! les
              Keep the faith, Mike! We’re pulling for you.
                Thank you so much for the update. Praying for Mike!
                    Mike is very inspirational to me. I love his way of expressing things.
                    Thank you, Dave, for your update. Prayers continue for Mike and his family.
                      I wish all the tumors would start shrinking.
                        Dave, thank you so much for the update!!! Mike, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Hillary every step of the way. You can do this and you are such an inspiration to so many.
                          Thank you, Dave. Mike and Hillary, so glad to hear about the shrinkages! Siggy needs to shrink too! Sending love your way.
                            Praying & Thinking of mike & his family. He is my inspiration. A warrior.
                              Thanks so much for the update. Lots of Mike fans here. Mike , we pray that that awful Siggy (someone else’s term) get knocked out by your current treatments and that you and your family can be comfortable and safe! We also lift up prayers for your care team, that they may continue to provide excellent care to you and find ways to make you comfortable.
                                Thinking of you Mike , keep strong sending big hug
                                  Thanks so much Dave for sharing this, that is so thoughtful as I along with others are always looking for updates on Mike. Will of course send any thoughts and prayers Mike and Hillary’s way, I think of him all the time. I’m glad at least the clinical trial is doing something for some of the tumors, but so sad to hear about the sigmoid colon tumor growth and the pain that is causing. Will continue to hold him and his family in our hearts here and keep hoping for a turnaround with this soon.
                                    Good luck Mike, I hope they can do something about the colon one and that the others will continue to shrink
                                    Have been thinking of you too
                                      Glad to hear the tumors are shrinking. Hope the docs can find a way to zap the Sigmoid tumor. Sending prayers and hugs to Mike and Hillary.
                                        Im about 2 1/2 months late replying to this, for i was “Out Of Service” like that Cop Car we see driving by with that odd lookin fellah wearing a blue shirt & a “Boy i hate this job” look on his face haha…
                                        Thank you all for the Well Wishes after the fact, i couldnt get on MRF, i tried, i couldnt see that well, my finger/eye coordination was Waaaay the hell off to use my phones keyboard, then of course the pain, the pain ill NEVER forget for the rest of my days….Thank you Dave for reaching out & gettin word back to our peeps so they knew my status, im better now & youll see me more!!
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