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Hay hay! I Survived!

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      Hello fellow Warriors, i hope this finds you all in good health whether it be NED, remission or stable, either or is a victory, and if your still struggling with your team to fight these bastards, keep up the strength that got you this far, i didnt realize the strength i had to endure this whole last 4 or 5 months back when my Sigmoid tumor pain had hours & hours of breaks between them & ESPECIALLY this last 30 days when my tumor pain became a 24 hour torture device, i held on to faith that something good is gunna happen very soon & it did, surgery…
      Well folks, where do i began, to start, i made it through what i would call Hell On Earth. Having a tumor, a 4 inch Demonic Mass in your Sigmoid section of our intestine is no joke, especially when my team & i decided to let it be to see if just one more infusion will have shrunk it by a few Centimeters (at the VERY least) but no, story of my life, my OX40 & ICOS combo that im doing in my trial is doing a good job on all my other tumors but not on the big A-hole, same situation with the other 6cm blob on my left side under my ribs remember? Gave us the middle finger, then back in my Pembro, Ipi & Nivo days at Kaiser, my 3inch Demon Ball in my right lower lung lobe defied & gave its middle finger as well while other tumors shrank, disappeared or stayed humble and submissive. Once again i took one for the team cuz, maybe to have the meds take care of it is a hell of a lot nicer then having intestinal surgery which wasnt half bad like i thought, i woke up without a poop bag on my side AND! no staples or stitches! Very small incision to! And he did an “Open” type, not the Laparoscopic type, my surgeon Dr. Mark B. Faires (look him up he’s great! he has a write up in the New England Journal of Medicine! He deals mainly with Melanoma) anyways, he said its at a size that he needs to pull out my Sigmoid & cut the section out & solder me back up, he could see why my pain was SOOO Severe, the Demon was wrapping its “tentacles” around the nerves in my lower spine, pushing & shoving its way anywhere it wanted to grow in me, huh, explains the Horrific, constant deep, excruciating, up all night, up all day, crying out in pain i was in! I’ll never forget those last 3, 4 weeks after deciding to wait one more infusion (3weeks) the day of the scan the report comes in (they have scanners & readers on premises) that its getting larger, (grew from 7.0cm to 9.1cm in 2 months) surgery is eminent & Dr. Hamid orders it ASAP on June12th at Cedars Sinai, the Mel Demon was extracted & instantly “Relief” was there, well, once i woke anyway, even in my doped up stupor i found relief and cried because of the nightmare it caused me & my wife. Up at night messaging my lower back, heating pad, Naproxins, and the not eating, FEAR of eating, wheres it gunna go? I went from 189 to 140 in a month or so, thats to fast, much to fast, I never used opiates out of fear of even more constipation, at 3 weeks before my surgery, that would be the last bowel movement i would have or could have til “after” my surgery, the mass was blocking 98% a lil’ gas could get thru once in a while thank goodness! can you believe that? A lot of the pain to was the feces “pushing” against the 9.1cm mass, trying to move along & out the door, picture a 1inch minimally “flexible” pipe with a 4 inch dia. ball stuck inside of it, yep, that was me in a nutshell guys….
      Im so glad its overwith, dont take one for the team like that if yer not willing to put up with the possible pain that could occur afterwards, once it became an every day “constant” pain towards the end, then it got worse, health declined dramaticly..not fun…
      But Anyways, ive wrote a novel already, i know i have some fans so, you guys will love a good read haha..iv been healing nicely, ill get back on soon ok? Oh!!!! A quick shout out to sister Chuco! I just met her at our mutual place The Angeles Clinic last Thursday, She heard my name being called out then said “Mike? Melanoma Mike? I was blown away! I wish we could have talked longer, off she went to do her thing & i went to start back on my treatment downstairs, small world…love ya all, and ill be back, you can take that to the bank…
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          Hey Mike, great to hear from you and your good news. So glad that your pain has passed. Keep fighting
            Now that’s news to begin my day well! PTL, a mighty thanks goes up for prayers answered. Great to hear from you Mike, here’s to a good recovery and continued success without the monster!!!
              Hey Mike! Stoked! You killed it. Love the step by step graphic account. Dr. Faries did one of my surgeries at Cedars one of the best! Continue the beatdown on the beast!

              Best, Paul

                Way to gut it out, Mike – figurative and literally!!! So glad you finally had that tumor removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you recover completely and feel even better super quick! Keep on being you. Love and hugs, celeste
                  Yeah! That is all I’ve got! Yeah!
                    Terrific news Mike. I must admit that It has been very emotional reading the summary of your recent experiences. I admire your strength and courage.
                    I think I wrote this to you before.. The sucker is on his knees. Now give him another severe beating with the treatment and beat him into submission for good !!!

                    You made my week !!!

                    Take care


                      Geez, 98% blockage! I can’t even imagine. This post made my day, my week, my month and probably my year Mike! Just so happy to hear from you. This beast didn’t know what it was up against when it decided to try to kick your A–! You kicked right back. I wish I could take away the pain, but your posts mean so much to me and this group. I’m so glad you are with Dr. Hamid now. I like your novels 🙂 Hugs to you and your family mike. It takes a whole team!
                      Julie in SoCal
                        This is the best news I’ve heard all week!!!! Way to go Mike!


                          Great news! You are such an inspiration to all! So happy your pain has been relieved and hope you continue to have good news!
                            Well done Mike, and great that you are back. I was worried! Am glad the tumour is out and now hope the meds will work.
                            Good luck!!!
                              Way to go, Mike! Congrats to you!
                              Hang in there!

                              Rocco, Stage IV in 2005, NED since 2009

                                Now this makes my day! I’m so glad to hear from you, Mike. I’m sorry it was such a rough month, but glad it is behind you now. Hopefully you will gain strength again quickly!
                                Love you, buddy!
                                  Wishing you the happy heals!!!
                                    Mike it is so good to hear that the big monster is finally out for good, and your pipes are clean and you are pain free! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news!
                                    I wish you the speediest recovery and the best 4 th of July. Hopefully now, you can eat and enjoy to your heart’s content. I also look forward to seeing more regular posts from you from now on.
                                      Hey Mike!
                                      Great to hear from you and glad your saga shows everything comes out in the end .. I hope the good news keeps coming and very glad the sigmoid nightmare is over.
                                        Epic!!. when we need and find the most strength is when we find you in good health and spirit.
                                          What a wild ride Mike…I always fasten my seatbelt before reading an update from you…whew! Keep up the good fight buddy!
                                            Damn right you have fans! Really great to read this. You’re an Inspiration to many.
                                              So happy that you got this pain under control and continue to fight off the beast. It was great meeting you at Angeles – I’m headed back there now after finishing my second trial infusion. This drug is a bit of an sss kicker but hopefully that means it’s doing something!!! Have a good holiday weekend.
                                                I was so glad to read this. You and I haven’t interacted much, but I pray for you.

                                                  You’re amazing. You have been through so much and to keep that positive attitude is a gift from God. I’m so happy you are finally pain free. God Bless.


                                                    Mike, it has been a few months since I have been on here but often think of you and how you are doing. You are one tough man.
                                                      Good news, and good attitude. Keep on keeping on, and Peace bro.
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