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Update on last scans results

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      Hi all, Happy Christmas to each everyone of you.
      Just update last scan clear, will still continue keydruda till June 2020 if respond too it. I have have 4 clear scans now feel fine, apart from aches on joints with arthritis. Plus going through meanapause so more night sweats , aches .
      We have had a bad year in family my brother in law
      Died at 54 years old sudden, my brother just had his kidney removed for cancer, he 60 on christmas eve.
      So not been on board much, but you all still on my thoughts and how you all are doing.
      Will be back more in New Year.
      Best wishes all
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          Lynda, it is still an excellent year since you have 4 clear scans! Congratulations!!!
          2019 was definitely a mixed bag for us too. My nephew passed in a car accident and my brother in law from pancreatic cancer. On the bright side, my tumors reduced in size and my oldest daughter got married.
          I am hoping that 2020 is less tumultuous for us all.
          Happy Holidays.
              Hi Melanie yes it is good news thanks, so sorry for your loss too. Think sometimes everything comes at once and when you are dealing with this awful disease yourself just gets too you . So thankful for my clear scans and will enjoy them hoping for ever.
              Will keep praying for you to get to NED and everyone else. Xx
              So happy for your clear scans, Lynda!! And so sorry for your pain and losses. Here’s to hoping 2020 will be easier. Take care! Celeste
                  Hi Celeste, thank you me lovely. Hope you are doing well too. Had a lovely christmas back to hospital tomorrow bloods and check up. Back in Thursday for treatment.
                  Take care
                  Lynda xx
                    great news Scooby / Linda

                    One question i have for you is how did you manage to get such good treatmenr on the NHS? I am British but live in the States, and am worried that if I ever return (I want to) the treatment will not be as good. I was a slow responder and only after my doctors gambled a little and added TVEc to keytruda did i show a response. Also am worried that in the UK if you get bad bloodtests then they take you off immunotherapy and dont let you back – in the US they took me off but gave me a second chance! Am glad that you seem to be a UK success story! Hope this weeks tests and treatment go well

                      Hi Mark,
                      I am braf negative my first treatment was ippi which reduced my tumours by 50% . That was in 2013, I had a good run till 2015 brain tumour so Gamma knife to treat that. Then 2017 had car accident not sure if this started it again but had it in chest lymph nodes. So went on pembro. Had a tumour in stomach removed by surgery for that. I have had good year on treatments with little side effects . There is good treatments here yes they stick to guidelines not like in other countries they mix treatments like you had and trials available. Hard dicession on if coming to UK but I have responded well so far on treatment . Will be nice to have a break but will be nervous about it.
                      Wishing the best
                      SCOOBY X
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