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Remembering Jordan

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      Hi everyone,

      My sweetie died on July 14, 2019, just two weeks after we were told there weren’t any more treatment options for him. He was not in any pain, and his whole family was able to come say goodbye. We were all with him when he passed.

      I haven’t talked much about our personal details because I wanted to preserve his privacy while he was alive. But now it’s important to me that everybody gets to see just what an amazing person my husband was.

      We have a memorial page for him hosted at the University of British Columbia, where Jordan completed his PhD and a postdoctoral fellowship. (Also where he met me!!)

      You can read a little more about him here:

      Thanks, everyone, for all of your encouragement and support over the past year and a half of his illness. You guys were so great at knowing when to cheerlead and stay positive, and when to be sad with me when things stopped looking up. I found this board immensely helpful. One time a doctor assumed I was a fellow medical professional, because I was so informed about treatment options, side effects and medications!

      I won’t be posting or checking this board any more, but I wish everybody GOOD LUCK in their journey with this horrific disease — whether you’re a survivor, current patient, caregiver, or friend. Don’t let Jordan’s story get you down — a lot of people make it a long time with this disease these days. And even though Jordan’s life was way too short, he lived A LOT during his 36 years! (Trust me, a lot of his stories did NOT make it into the formal memorial page… ha!)

      Thanks again,

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          Oh man, Jordan! Caleigh, im so sorry this came to this, i know you have to be so sad, thank you for being his caretaker and being a member of MRF in his honor…sad, very sad….im so sad…
            Hi caleigh, I am so deeply sorry and so sad to hear this. What a wonderful and multi-talented and accomplished person your husband was and you have been amazing too as his advocate and caregiver. I know how lucky he must have felt to have you and vice versa. Many many hugs. No words feel adequate right now. So very sorry
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              Ah Caleigh,

              There just aren’t any words … I am so, so sorry to learn of Jordan’s passing. What a lovely man!!! May peace find its way to your heart quickly!!!!


                Please accept my sincerest condolences during this difficult time. I am certain your loved one was fortunate to have someone as dedicated as you until the very end. Remember to keep the good memories alive.
                  Oh, Caleigh. I am so sorry for the horror the past year must have been for you both and the loss of Jordan in the end. However, I know it meant more than anything to him to have you be at his side as friend, lover and advocate through it all!! My father was a forester and I know more about pine beetles than any reasonable human should! Ha! “…an expert at relaxation.” I like that!! Thanks for sharing a bit of Jordan’s sweetness, verve and enthusiasm with us. May sweet memories soon bring more smiles than tears. Yours, celeste
                    I’m really glad for the time you had together, and hope that the memories bring you solace.
                      Hi Caleigh

                      I’m so, so sorry to hear of your loss,


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