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    Julie in SoCal
      Dear, Friends!

      Here’s the short of it:

      1) Having lung liquid drained is no fun. I don’t recommend it. I had 1200ccs drained and I nearly passed out it hurt so bad. But I am breathing much easier. And for that, I am very grateful.

      2) The lung liquid was cancerous, lung cancer. The PET scan showed growth everywhere. The targeted chemo wasn’t working.

      3) Chemo treatment started last Wednesday afternoon. It’s a three-drug cocktail of Carbo-Alitma-Pembro. I’ve had all three of these drugs before and I responded to them at the time. I just didn’t have them all at once. I am certain that I will respond again (technically, this is a two-fer, as it will work on both Mel and Larry. The Rock Star says my cancer has “forgotten about this.” My body, unfortunately, hasn’t. It’s kicked my backside!

      4) I am going to do my darndest to go on Julie & Sheri’s Big Awesome Adventure 2020. It’s a nice long road trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, where I’ll meet up with many friends and see some of God’s best work. But it’s going to require a bit of chemo scheduling creativity. We can do it.

      Well, friends, that’s the news. It’s not what I wanted, but I’ll be ok.

      Love you all,

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          Well, shit fire and save matches!!! Oh, Julie. I’m so sorry. BUT!!! I KNOW that you will rock this out. Still, I am so sorry that you must endure ONE. MORE. THING!!!!!!!!!! Shoot! I hope the chemo cocktail won’t make you too horribly miserable. It is all so hard. Hang tough you beautiful soul! I know you and the Rock Star can maneuver your care so that you can make your trip. Be sure to yell and scream here or directly with me any time you want. (I’m very good at yelling!) Love you so! Big hugs. les
            CutaneousClinical Trial ParticipantNEDMucosal
            Hi Julie,

            You are a tremendous inspiration and I am sure with Carbo-Alitma-Pembro as a combination treatment, the damn cancer does not even know yet what is going to hit him.

            I hope you enjoy your road trip and take good care


                Dear Julie,

                I was a little worried when I read your earlier post a few weeks back, but didnt want to jinx anything. I hope you can schedule everything so that the road trip is still on (scans can disrput our best plans) and that the triple combo is going to work and work soon. Good luck and wish you and your friends a great holiday.


                Oh Julie, I’m so sorry you are going through this, but I have always had faith in both you and the Rock Star Doc to create a plan of attack. I can’t think of two brains more capable and prepared to fight this. I’m so sorry you have to do the chemo cocktail and I know it will take creative planning for your trip but I know you need to go on this trip, it is just too fabulous not too. I’m wishing you a quick response and subsequent hit the road!

                Many many hugs, you are always in our hearts and will be telling the universe that your trip is in the stars.

                  So sorry about your news however I am keeping all fingers crossed that the triad works it’s magic. We look forward to hearing all about your amazing and much expected trip.
                  Best wishes,
                    Julie – hope the drug cocktail works its magic. Looking forward to your trip updates and praying that you can enjoy the scenic treasures. Take care.


                      Dear Mel and Larry: Stop it. Just .Stop. It. You might have missed the part about how Julie has plans? She is going on a temporary vacation to some beautiful sites in nature., whereas youse two are hereby requested take yourselves on a permanent vacation outside of Julie’s body. Say, to the solid iron core at the center of Earth. Or a random black hole. The Ninth Circle? Anywhere. We just want our dear Julie to have some peace.
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