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I report it all! Important info on NKTR-214 – the PIVOT trial…

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        Hi Celeste, wishing you a great holiday weekend too!
          You have been through a lot. That has given you perspective. Your medical background has given you expertise. Your genuine heart has given you kindness and empathy. Thank you for speaking the truth. It is very beneficial for many of us on our melanoma journey. You are positively impacting many lives. Thank you!
              Celeste, you are the bomb! Thanks for everything.
              YOU GO LES !!!!!! All the power to you. Amen.
                Thank you for all your research and knowledge!! With out you or Ed sharing the research through this forum I would not have the knowledge I do to understand this disease, the treatment, and the options that are available.
                  Celeste, so grateful for your VERY selfless participation and knowledge-sharing on this forum. I cannot adequately express how much your feedback has meant to me in this complicated journey.

                  Big hugs to you and hope that you are doing ok and feeling better soon as you work through your own condition.

                    Hi Celeste,
                    You have been through so much and always fighting strong. Giving information when needed. I thank you with all my heart for your support when I have needed it plus all friends on this site.
                      I have been on this site for 3 years and you are probably the only person that I believe what you post. I don’t research what you post, I take it as accurate information. When I tell others about this site your the only name I mention as a person who has a great deal of knowledge about melanoma and it’s treatment. I hope you continue to call people out who need to be called out.
                        Wow! I remember you when you first came on board. What a journey you have been on! This board has always benefited from folks like you who have learned so much on their journey and take the time to share. So much has changed since I was a regular here. So many more treatment options! Back in the day there was surgery, Interferon and poison cocktails of chemo and not much else. I am an advocate of diet and exercise for improving overall health, but not as a cure. I am so pleased to hear how advanced mm patients are seeing results that just were not available a few years ago. Thank you for being such a strong advocate for others in need of information and hope.
                          Awwww! Stop making this former ex-con, drug guzzling now Melanoma stricken fool teary eyed! Celeste, you are Fab-U-Luss! In every way really, you bring so much to the MRF roundtable & your doing so AFTER your victory against Mel, as you know, alotta folks disappear after their deemed NED (dont blame em one bit!!) , not everyone, we have folks check in still…
                          Bubs you rock! I love your witty journalism of Chaos in the Life & Times of Celeste McBubbles! We love you & now lets kick this “next” BS you have going on in the Ass!! Hugs and more hugs & cyber hugs!
                            Hi Les, Celeste, and Bubbles (I think of you as all three at once!)

                            Sorry, I’m late in replying, but wanted to make sure I did. First, your body of evidence and your advocacy never have to be justified on here. Your years of dedicated work speaks for itself and you are so valued. I know we have some hard discussions on this board about alternative approaches, and I know we don’t have all the answers, and its difficult to speak our concerns about these issues but you have ABSOLUTELY always approached these with the utmost integrity and intentions of truly supporting the patients going through this horrendous disease. Your breath of knowledge is undeniable coupled with a beautiful righteous anger on the patients behalf. II’ll say this as well, you can definitely apply the smell test to some of these and any small amount of critical thought tells us some of these are bogus. We all have to provide our own critical thought as well. I’ll give you my biggest compliment: If I ever get a diagnosis, there is no one else I would want or trust to be with me in the office than you. It’s not even a second thought. We are lucky to get you virtually! love and hugs, thanks for taking the heat for us, I know it takes a toll sometimes.

                            Charlie S
                              You are the Rascal are you not?

                              Of all the people here that have bitch slapped and gently nudged people to empower themselves with knowledge, education, research and brains, you stand far and above any of those that have posted over my years since 1996 on this board;.

                              You hold a singular , measured, educated, informed and outspoken voice with a silent scream that I hear, and hope others do as well.

                              So. if I may, and in deference to your husband; offer a gentle………………nah, make that a big sloppy sloppy kiss on your cheek.

                              You have made a world of difference here Miss Melanoma Brainiac and do not forget that.

                              Support , I have found is a lonely road.

                              Charlie S

                                  Haha…love your post for Bubbles!
                                  Thank you for all your dedicated and hard work over the years. It seems we know a lot yet there is so much more to learn. I guess the following two Socrates quotes resonate with me:
                                  “The only thing I truly know… that I know nothing.”
                                  ” I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
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