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half of people surviving advanced melanoma for 5 years

Forums General Melanoma Community half of people surviving advanced melanoma for 5 years

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        What did the trial show?
        The trial investigated two immunotherapy drugs which are designed to enhance the immune system and let it attack cancer.

        There were 945 patients in the trial, a third were given nivolumab, a third were given ipilimumab and a third were given both.

        Doctors then looked at the five-year survival rate – the proportion of patients still alive after five years.

        The results showed:

        26% were still alive on ipilimumab alone
        44% were still alive on nivolumab alone
        and 52% were still alive when given both.
        “It’s been an amazing surprise to see so much progress in such a short a period of time,” Prof Larkin told BBC News.

        He said: “It’s been the most extraordinary transformation from a disease that was regarded, among all the cancers as the most difficult to treat, the most serious prognosis.

        He said there is now “the possibility that 50% of people with stage four melanoma are alive five years after having immunotherapy treatment.”

        The findings have been presented at a meeting of the European Society for Medical Oncology and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

        Are these patients cured?
        Saying cured is always difficult in cancer, but five-year-survival is a hugely significant milestone.

        Some patients taking the drugs are in total remission with no sign of any abnormality on scans.

        Others like Pam still have a tumour inside their bodies, but they are no longer growing.

        Out of the patients that survived, three-quarters no longer need any form of cancer treatment.

            Question about overall survival. Those who took ipi-nivo for first line tharapy achieved 52% 5 year survival. Those who took nivo only had 44% 5 year survival even if they progressed and then took ipi-nivo or targeted therapy? Does taking ipi-nivo first line only give the 52% overall survival?


              The 5 years survival rate of 52% was only for people whose first treatment was ipi/nivo. In a study of people with stage 4 melanoma for whom pembro or nivo immunotherapy had failed, the response rate to ipi/nivo immunotherapy was 21%. Bubbles posted:
              The 5 year survival rate (52%) of people whose first treatment was ipi/nivo is almost the same as the response rate to ipi/nivo (54%). So, my guess is that the 5 year survival rate of people who receive ipi/nivo after pembro or nivo has failed would be about 20%. Most of the fortunate 21% who respond to ipi/nivo in this situation will be alive 5 years later.
                When my mom was diagnosed Dec 2018 . The melanoma specialist at UCSF started her on Nivo alone , her melanoma progressed to Liver in August. I am so mad by reading this, Why didnt they started her on the combo when the stats are already published.
                Can someone help me to understand ? Why wait to see if it progresses ?
                Awesome!! Thanks for sharing, Edwin!! Still got a ways to go but we are getting there.

                For those who are interested, this post includes articles that demonstrates good OS (Overall survival) data for Stage III/IV melanoma peeps treated with BRAF/MEK or ipi/nivo:

                So much thanks to all the ratties!!! Happy weekend! c

                  Thanks Edwin
                  I was going to post this as it’s from my Consultant Prof Larkin, but thought the BBC wasn’t accessible outside the UK (it’s funded by UK taxpayers). Glad to see all can read it
                      Hi Mark, so this on the news prof Larkin great guy seen him on melanoma conference. Gives us stage 4 hope and to never give in.
                        Yeah he’s a good guy just not your typical Professor!! It’s good news and hopefully there will soon be something for the 50% this doesn’t work for
                        Outstanding data! I always knew (We) always knew those 2 drugs (and others) where great even years ago in earlier studies….Then theres folks like me who stopped Pembro then Ip/Nivo (started Pembro Nov 2017, Ipi/Nivo in May 2018 and stoped June 2019) due to disease progression and im still alive! All in all, immunal therapy did shrink some of my tumors, got rid of a few even!! and maybe tweeked my immune system to fight a little better til this day, that im not sure, we do know i grew a few new ones aling the way and thats a no no.. ill have to talk to Dr. Hamid about that….
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