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7 years since diagnosis and doing great!

Forums General Melanoma Community 7 years since diagnosis and doing great!

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      I just wanted to pop in to give a bit of encouragement to those in the trenches. I am almost 6 years NED! Started with a mole on my right temple and a margin of 7 cm. It was quite a large hole in my head! The plastic surgeon did such an amazing job, most people don’t even notice my graft. Anywho, I had a total of 4 surgeries and immunotherapy, as well as radiation. I was stage 3C with a total of 31 nodes removed and 6 that were infected. Today I am living my best life and have done so much traveling!
      Hang in there guys!
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          Amazing news! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!
              Amazing! Thanks for the update.
                That is so encouraging to hear April, thanks for sharing.
                  April, Great to hear you are doing well! It gives hope to those of us still dealing with it. Do you still get scans from time to time? Just wondering how often. My husband’s oncologist is still doing PET scans every 6 months for now – he says that the suggestion is to do this for 5 years, but there’s other findings that says they can go longer between scans after a couple of years. My husband had melanoma removed in 2019 and had severe reaction to Opdivo in 2021 and stopped short of a year of treatments. He has had clear scans since then although dealing with side effects from severe impact to his body.


                      I received my 18th PET scan on May 8, 2023. I get a PET scan once a year now and see my oncologist every 6 months. She has been my oncologist since September 2014. I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in August 2015. I received immunotherapy and radiation.
                      yay !!!!!!
                        Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing! I don’t come to this site often… changes to it seemed to have turned most people away (me included).. but o love to see these posts when I do come here!
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