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      Hi All

      I haven’t posted for a while., but I think of you all
      often, especially Les, and wonder if she ever made it to Italy…

      I am still NED since my lower lung lobe resection in Nov 2016

      I am taking Humira every three weeks for arthritic side effects and it is working just fine

      I hope you are all hanging in there. We live in amazing times with fabulous health professionals…. at least those of us lucky enough to live in first world countries

      I hope the Covid virus has not set anyone back. Time has stood still here in Australia while we try to get on top of it. And in many ways I love that! No traffic no pollution. No traffic accidents! I’ve been playing golf and practising my instrument. No one can travel so there’s no FoMo.

      All the best


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          What awesome news. Thanks for checking in. Hard to belive it’s been four years….blink of an eye. Glad all is well and by the way, I shaved about 6 strokes off of my game since this pandemic started. It’s about the only thing we were allowed to do!
              Me too! Playing 3 times a week and carrying my bag! Take care xx
              Oh Anne-Louise! So good to hear from you and so glad you are rock’n that NED!!!! The US seems to be trying to be the top dog idgits of COVID. I am hoping that we will get it together in that regard soon. I mean really! Wear a damn mask! There are far greater impediments to civil liberties in this world!!!

              Glad Humira is holding your arthritis in check and that you are enjoying your ‘free’ time!

              Sadly, we have not yet made it to Italy. I finally started feeling better post surgeries and chemo such that we were able to make a little crazy trip to DC and New York in the fall of last year and an amazing trip to Costa Rica early this spring. In fact, we were on the edge of being stuck there due to COVID. (I can certainly think of worse fates!!!) So, I still dream of Italy and the trip we had planned. B has faith that the COVID crazy will pass and we will get there someday!!!

              Much love to you and yours! I am still counting on hearing you play that fiddle!!! love, les

                  So good to hear you’re doing well Les!
                  Phenomenal news Anne-Louise! So happy for you and can hear the violin now! I can add to Les’s report on COVID. I’m in Texas and we seem to really want to be #1, but not in the good way….. Australia seemed to do a good job with developing and following protocol during the first wave, wishing you the same during second wave. This is good time to hone your golf game……FORE!
                      We spent a month in NY in December. Heaven! My husband is from Connecticut. I studied in Philly and we lived in LA for a little while. Didn’t ever get to Texas… but I am sending much love and support to all of you over there, one of the great countries of the world. Apropos that…How good is Dr Weber?! I sent him a random email once ( it was early days and I was worried that infliximab would make my tumour grow) and he replied right away!!
                        Well done Anne-Louise! Australia ended up doing well on Covid, after an uneasy start. Hope you keep it under control and one day you can get back to playing in concerts (though I fear this will be some time off)
                        Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (sung a la Stevie Wonder as an arpeggio)! Congratulations and thank you for posting!
                            My deepest and heartfelt congratulations Anne. Viola and golf playing surely is a very good way enjoying life! I am very happy to read you this morning. Salutations du Qu.bec!
                            Congratulations on your wonderful continuing news!
                            Thank you for sharing and noting favourable arthritic treatment with the rest of us.
                            Hoping you continue to be NED and you enjoy your instrument (at least it’s not a wind one) as well as your golf game.
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