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    Julie in SoCal

      I'm not sure how I created the anon post below, but it was not intended.  Sigh…

      Greetings Friends!

      I have some good news and some bad news.  First the good news!  WE HAVE KICKED MEL TO THE CURB!!!! I have completely responded to the Keytruda  and am currently No Evidence of Recurrent Disease (NERD) for Melanoma.  But wait, there's more.  Also I move from Stage 4 back down to Stage 3c.  This is awesome and worthy of a celebratory happy dance, but unfortunately it's uniquely connected to the bad news.

      Last Thurs I had a biopsy of the mystery meat in my left lung and it came back as adenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, not melanoma. So the plan is to have surgery to remove the lung lobe with the tumor "Larry" in it and some lymph nodes  If the cancer has not spread to my lymph nodes, then surgery should be all that I need.  If it has spread, then I'll need more treatment, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll deal with that only if need be.

      Right now this is all I know.  The hospital is organizing all that is needed for surgery, but it's not an emergency.  I'll let you know.

      So this is the news.  Thanks again friends for walking with me in this.



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          O me Julie, has if it's not enough dealing with Mel , then dealing with Lung cancer. So sorry you are having to start another battle. You are a strong lady and you will deal with as it comes along. Sending my love and strength your way Hun.

          keep us posted , take care Julie



            Hi Julie,

            Bless the good and damn the bad.  I'm glad you have Mel under control (troublesome as he is).  With regard to the lung cancer, isn;t one of the therapeis for that variety, Keytruda?  Do your docs think you c an receive any clinical benefit from that?  Positive thoughts that you will have the most favorable result post-surgery.

            All the best, 


              Julie in SoCal

                Hey Stan, 

                Yes, Keytruda is one of the treatments for non-small cell lung cancer.  However, I was on Keytruda when "Larry" went hyper metabolic and because we figured he was melanoma, we figured I had progressed on Keytruda. I think I can safely say that I have progressed in NSCLC on Keytruda, too.  

                I'm actually hoping that Larry hasn't spread out and made his retched self at home in my lung surroundings.  If he hasn't reached a lymph node, then surgery is all I'll need. And after many rounds with Mel, I'd love to only go one round with Larry.




                It sounds like you have a positive attitude and that is a huge part of the battle.  Just take it one day at a time, you can do this.  Praying the nodule can be removed and you can kick that one to the curb too!


                  Good grief, Charlie Brown!!!!  Congrats and sorry all at the same time!  Hang in there.  You are one tough cookie and I know you will kick NSCLC to the curb as well.  Just hate that you have to!!!  Wishing you well with the surgery.  Keep us posted.  love, c


                    My Dad also had NSCLC as well as melanoma.  Non-smoker.  His tumor was found after his mel diagnosis but "looked" more consistent with lung cancer.  Biopsy confirmed that.  He had 3 treatments of high-dose radiation in real time – field moved as he breathed.   No surgery but he never would have gone there – in his 80s then.   He was lucky and his tumor never appeared to grow again.  We stopped scanning after his melanoma progressed because he had no intention of doing any major treatments (before Keytruda was approved or he might have tried that).  

                    Hopefully it's just  a surgical intervention and nothing more beyond that!!!

                      Dang Julie, you rode the Zipper got off and then got right back in line! No fun at the Un Fair. Wishing you well this time around. Hang tough! Paul PS. How are the joints coming along?
                        Julie in SoCal

                          Hey Paul I had to laugh.  Yup going another round on the Zipper!  Hopefully this one will only involve surgery and not radiation and chemo.

                          You were right!  Dr T is worth waiting for.  He and his staff have been wonderful!  I've been on a slow taper of prednisone and that has mostly done the trick.  I am mostly out of pain (huge relief!!) now it's just a matter of getting my knees unfrozen and back to walking normally and without a cane.  I hope to start PT soon and that will help with my knees.Slowly, slowly…






                          K. Happy dance first I guess. It takes one tough lady to kick all of this you already did!!! What the heck??? Give this girl a cancer break already! I will pray hat that you can have a long break from any news at all. Just getting to live like like no cancer people with all our regular problems is heaven!!! You stay tough one more time!!! Quick recovery and no bodes involved…that's my wish for you! 



                            Oh my goodness, Julie – what a roller coaster you're on! You've always been so positive and upbeat in dealing with Melanoma, and I know you'll give that same energy in your fight with this new cancer. Please keep us updated – we're all thinking about you!!



                              Julie, that is FANTASTIC news about the Melanoma. Regarding the other, there is no other way to say this….That just plain sucks. I pray that you will be as successful in fighting the adenocarcinoma as you have been with melanoma. Sending healing thoughts and good vibes. 

                              Kim K

                                Aw CRAP!  WTF?  Did cancer have a meeting in your body and figure out if mel can't get you it will try another tactic?

                                I love your take on messing back with the big "C" and it was also similar to how I dealt with it.  I guess now all that research training for mel comes in handy for the unfortunate double tap you got stuck with.

                                Wishing you the best on kicking A$$ against cancer.  It needs to move on and pick on someone else – like my waste of humanity neighbors……  Damn did I just type that?  Whatever.


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