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    Julie in SoCal

      Greetings Friends!

      We have a plan!!! And it's a good one!

      Next Tues afternoon I will start my first (of four) rounds of a chemo combo (carboplatin and pemetrexed). The thinking is that this is the treatment that makes treating two cancers (Melanoma and NSCLung Cancer) comparatively simple. It's quick (only 12 weeks) and very well known. After being in the land of amazing new medicine (I'm talking to you Ipi and Pembro!!), it is strangely comforting, knowing that there shouldn't be any mystery side effects to deal with. After chemo I will start 35 or so sessions of radiation. Then Larry the lung cancer will have been cut, poisoned, and burned!

      This is my first trip into the chemo-beamo world and while I like the "known" aspects of it, I'm not really wild on those known things happening to me.  I know I'll be fine. I have an amazing team and am surrounded by crazy friends and crazier family.  So I'll be very well supported.  But I'm still a bit apprehensive. And of course, I may (or may not) get to keep my hair.  

      This has been one long, scary roller coaster ride and I've hated waiting to figure things out. But this waiting time has given me opportunity to think and pray about what I want in treatment. It's easy to say that I want to be cured (and my 23 year old body back as a side effect). But it's much harder to figure out what I'm potentially willing to give up. This extended time has helped me figure this out. And I'm so grateful.

      Thanks for coming along with me on this long, scary ride.



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          I always wondered why the Love boat didn’t make stops at Fantasy Island? Sounds like a great plan going forward Julie! Was in to see Rock Star today. All kinds of News Vans all over and I just thought some movie star had a baby.. come to find out they interviewed Rock star! It should be on ktla and others tonight. Chemo was a piece of cake for me although low dose. I still lost hair I didn’t have. Right there with you on the Zipper although a spectator this time. Hang tough Julie… Best, Paul
            Julie in SoCal

              No Way, Paul!

              He got the nickname "Rock Star" because right after my initial  consult with him in 2008 I saw him on NBC4 doing some PSA or something.  Of course he's doing it again.  Just found it: Here's the Rock Star's 5 seconds in the limelight.

              Thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate it.  I'll be at St John's most of next Tues and at JWCI in the afternoon.  If you happen to be there…though having just come home I'm pretty sure you won't be, but if you are, say hey!  I'll look out for you when I"m there.



              Julie, you are one tough, amazing, funny and all out kick-A$$ woman!!!  Larry (and Wonder Woman) need to look out.  I'm glad you have a plan you are pleased with.  Hang in there and keep us posted!!!  c


                You are an inspiration, hope everything goes really well



                  Hi Julie!

                  I don't know that I have ever reached out to you but I love reading your posts. I liked reading them better when melanoma was in check, but I know how good it is to have a plan. Keep on keeping on!

                  Best wishes,



                    You, my dear, always try to keep it light and funny on here, just what we all need! I appreciate you and your posts and have been wondering how you were doing. Hope this is it and hopefully Larry didn't get too attached like we have!!



                      Hi Julie so glad you have a plan in place. You  are a very strong lady and am sure you will kick arse xx take care Hun be thinking of you .scooby x


                        Hey Julie- Glad to hear plans are in place! sounds like a good one for Larrys soon to be demise!  Hoping we can put him behind us, and more on to getting rid of MEL.

                        Hope all goes well on Tuesday…keep us posted.


                        Wishing you all the best!



                          ed williams

                            Please stop posting this crap on the forum Gene!!!!

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