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Stage 1B – 25 year anniversary

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      Hi everyone!

      Just posting a little positive news here.  It's often easy when reading this site to think every early stage person progresses.  What we don't see is those that move on and have no reason to post.  It's the 25 year anniversary since my first melanoma primary was removed in 1992.  Seems like a world ago.  No internet, no information, no support system back then.  I didn't know a single person who had had melanoma.  Even the medical library at my local university had only gloom and doom information.  What a difference to today.  This is amazing website of people and information – we are all so much better informed today.

      For me, the 1st primary wasn't my only encounter with melanoma.  I had two more primaries 8 and 9 years later.  But nothing since 2001.  My adoptive parents have both have melanoma – it is what took my Dad.  And my birth Mom and half-sister have both had melanoma.  I can't seem to escape it nowadays.  It has also brought me some amazing friends from this website from way back.  (I've been on this site since 2001).  I'm just so thankful we have the support and resources and information available to us today that was sadly lacking 25 years ago!  And treatments!  The world is an entirely different place in regards to treatments for melanoma. 

      Carry on, I wish everyone well, and remember despite how it appears here, MOST early stagers do NOT progress!


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          Thanks, needed that.  Cheers!

          Julie in SoCal

            LOVE THIS!!!!!  Thanks so much for posting!!!!!  

            Happy Dancing in Huntington Beach over this!



              Glad to see someone who has given so much to the fight is doing well!  Should give hope to us all!

              snow white

                What great news!  Thank you for all of your years of dedication to this site, it is much appreciated!



                  Congrats!  Thanks for sharing and all you've done for ever so long!!  c


                    Thanks, Janner!  Even though my husband is one of those patients with multiple primaries, every time he goes in for a check (seems like every two months something suspicious comes up) he's so far dodged the progression bullet.  It's nice to hear a reminder like yours — that chances are he never will progress, and as long as we keep up with frequent checks all will be well.

                    You are a great source of information and encouragement to everyone here, and your input is valued and appreciated!  Thank you for caring for so many!



                      Happy anniversary baby, got you on my miiiind! Thanks for posting Janner. It really is reassuring to hear your story. Have a great day!


                        Thank you, Janner, for all that you do and your amazing spirit. You're always the calm voice of reason and you really dedicate a LOT of time towards this site and melanoma education for the early stagers. You're an amazing person – congrats on the anniversary!!



                          Congrats and thank you for this post!!heart


                            Wow!  25 years ago…long time!  Thank you for sticking around and contributing with all your wonderful advice!  You've helped so many people.  Here's to continued good health for you!

                            Best wishes…Terrie


                                Thank you for posting that! Exactly what I needed to hear. I am 1a unless something changes and very much hope to be where you are in 25 years. I'm so happy for you!


                                Hi Janner, that is fantastic news.  I am so happy for you that you have reached this milestone. You have made such an incredible   contribution over the years and giving to others support on this board it is good that you have posted your own positive story.  I may not visit the board much these days but it's lovely to see a familiar name every time I do. Keep up the good work but don't not forget yourself. Wishing you many years of NED. Nicky -17 years NED


                                  Thanks for the post Janner and thanks for all your input over the years to this board. 


                                    Thank you so much for this post though I had to keep typing in Stage 1A to get here, but needed this positivity!  Thanks again and hope you are still doing great!!



                                      Thanks for the update and great to hear from you as always!


                                      Danielle T
                                        Jammer my story is much like yours but I’m more newly into it.
                                        first melanoma in-situ in 2011, T1a in dec 2020 and another in situ in jan 2021. The odd thing is all of them were supposedly rare subtypes – two spitzoid and one nevoid.
                                        I see my dermatologist every 3 months, I take my own pictures monthly and had professional pictures done as well.
                                        I of course practice sun safety but I can’t achieve sun avoidance.
                                        Any advice for me to not have another melanoma? Did you get genetic tested?
                                          ed williams
                                            Danielle T, Janner left the group a couple of years ago because of a negative new member who was disrespectful to her. Her knowledge is missed on the forum, but her old post’s are still very informative. Ed
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