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Spam block idea

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    ed williams
      Just an idea to get rid of the spam issue, anyone like our newest spam friend “Russell Crow” should have their first post held, paused, filed until read by a MRF staff member. This, I would hope would address the issue and get rid of those who just join to sell shit!!!
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          Good idea. I was told that at the very least Mon-Fri, 9-5 – the site would be monitored and such posts removed by MRF staff. (As though melanoma patients need and use this site and suffer with melanoma Mon-Fri, 9-5!!!) But, of late, even that arrangement has not been maintained. It is a very sad situation.
            I wonder how the “report” link is used. I would think that they could automatically remove a post if it was “reported” X number of times. That would save the MRF people from having to go in and manually remove it. I don’t know, but I would think that people wouldn’t “report” posts willy-nilly.
              The MRF has multiple spam blockers on the Forum that catch bots who are spamming. These are not bots who are posting, but actual people signing up with accounts and making individual posts. The only way to prevent this type of spam from being posted is if someone from the MRF reviewed each and every message and made determinations if a post is appropriate or not. I personally check the Forum once a weekday (it may be at 7am or 9pm, it just depends on my workload for the day) for spam and delete as necessary. Constant checking of the Forum for spam during regular business hours is not realistic.

              If users are OK with only seeing new posts once a weekday after I reviewed all posts (and up to 3 days later over weekends or holidays), then we could add additional blocks. However, the MRF would strongly prefer not limiting posts and dialogue to allow for free-flowing discussion to meet patients and caregivers needs. This includes not limiting new users to post in case there is an immediate need for support and guidance.

                ed williams
                  So what is the report button for then? I would have thought that when you click on report that it would come to someone attention. I am also part of a stage 4 facebook group and new folks join all the time usually in groups of 20 to 30 new members. There are always a few people who join in order to try and sell shit but they are reported quickly and kicked out usually within a few hours. There are a couple of thousand members and the stage 4 group is very active in comments and the sharing of information like what it used to be on this forum.
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