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Scan Results: Mets in muscles?

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    Julie in SoCal
      Dear Friends,

      Yesterday I had a PET scan, today I got the results (Yes, I know that’s amazingly fast; I’m a spoiled cancer princess) . The Rock Star Doc said that I have uptake suspicious of a met in my 2nd left rib, upper left lung wall and right shoulder muscle. In many ways this isn’t completely surprising. I’ve been coughing up a lung for months and yes, my ribs hurt. Rock Star says that all of these are probably Mel, but because I also have non-small cell lung cancer (left side, too) we’ll get a biopsy and just be sure..

      Bone biopsies hurt, yes? Bronchoscopy? I already know I don’t like MRIs :-(

      Ok friends, I know I’m getting ahead of myself and borrowing trouble, but my crazy worry is that Mel and Larry have joined forces and come back at the same time. But when I come back from my trip to crazytown, I’m wondering if any of you have had mets in muscles. If so what is your experience.

      Thanks again, Friends..

      Wishing you peace!

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          Hi Julie
          I’m really sorry to hear your news and hope everything works out for you. I have had mets twice in my arm muscle and these were my first foray into Stage IV. If it helps they felt like hard lumps underneath the skin similar to a hard lymph node. The first was smaller and removed under a local and the second required removal of quite a bit of my tricep. Now having lung mets I don’t think back at them as being too much of an issue.
          Best wishes
            I had a golf ball size met in my upper left shoulder. They had to remove a 1 cm clearance of muscle around it. At almost 3 years I still have not regain total strength as far as raising my left arm above my head.
              Oh, Julie! I am so sorry. You have been through ENOUGH!! (I imagine you are shaking your head, saying, “YOU’RE telling ME!!!”) Anyhow, I know you and your doc will figure out a plan for this as well. Haven’t had a bone biopsy. Have had a bronch. The tube down the nose thing isn’t fun, nor was the super unpleasant smelling and tasting numbing agent the made me snuff up my nose…but numb is better than un!! Hopefully you will be out when they do that part for you or it will be less noxious. The rest of the procedure was under conscious sedation…like they use for more complex dental procedures, colonoscopies, and probably some procedures you’ve already endured. So I don’t remember that part. Did wake up with the musculature of my chest very sore for the next several days as the procedure had made me cough a lot and hard…though sounds like you’ve already been there/done that on your own! Sorry. Hang tough. Keep us posted. Massive but gentle hug in process from TN!!! Love you! les
                Hi Julie – am not an expert on this since have only had CT and MRI never PET, but am hoping that this will be a false positive. If not then i hope you and the rock star will work you usual magic and defeat this.
                Best wishes Mark
                  Julie! My SoCal Sister! Long see no time!, iv been trying to stay afloat here in good ol Van Nuys, so far so good..
                  Well crap! Possible mets in the lungs and or surrounding areas?? As you know, i have em already in my lungs (for almost 2 years now) i havnt quite coughed up anything yet, but, their there! And like yourself having new sprouts i have a nice mobile type ball on my left side of my stomach just under ribs, i caught this one, so now the score is Scans-4 & Me-3, i catch all the surface ones & the scans catch the deep ones! My PET scan is June 4th, i woulda done it last week but i freaked out, im severly Claustrophobic! Hate to say this but i havnt done a PET in a few years just CT’s their no prob….
                  Well sis keep us posted im back on MRF now, just needed a break i guess….
                    Dang Julie! Back in line for the Zipper… That sucks! I’ve had a bone met in jaw that was extremely painful. I never had a biopsy though. We are spoiled with same day results at JWCC. (Rock Star’s venue)aren’t we? I will be in next month for my 3hr. lounge in the MRI scanner… Yep, that’s four MRIs in a row not including two CT scans. Get out of Crazytown quickly! No reentry stamp on the way out… and beat this crap down! Hoping to see you one of these visits.

                    Best, Paul

                      Oh Julie, I keep typing stuff and deleting it in this message but I’m just going to say it, I’m mad when I see anything at all potentially bad happening with you, you are one my favorite people to read messages from and it hurts to hear that you are dealing with any new mets. You deserve a break from this crap and Mel and Larry need to get divorced and never see each other again, that is my hope! I’m putting a restraining order out on both of them. I want nothing but the absolute best for you and so sorry you have to go through this. Save a spot for me in Crazytown, I’ll run for mayor. Keeping prayers and thoughts for you and wishing you peace too. Many hugs, Jackie
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