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put this one in the win column

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      3c, 4 LN removed.  1  year Opvido, proud to say it cost my insurer over $400,000 and 5 months after last treatment, NED.


      thanks to obamacare that i could get insurance and it was affordable.


      thanks to JPS FTW infusion clinic and the gang.


      thanks for you all help here at PIP>


      tim kaastad



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          JPS? who , what? well its the county hospital where u go for gunshot wounds, car wrecks, indigent care


          and this


          Fort Worth’s JPS Named the Best Hospital in the Nation – D Magazine


          its not unusual to go for a scan and see a deputy with a prisoner in shackles……but they  saved my life.


          I could have gone to Texas Oncology but it seemed the 400 doc practice, at least at the partner level opposed Obamacare.  go figure. the AMA once opposed Medicaid. Docs are political creatures too.

            Tim!!! Congrats!!! So glad to hear you’ve made it! You’re an inspiration to us all! I’m so happy for you!!!

            Doesn’t matter what hospital as long as you got good results. That is what matters!

            Continue to keep us updated. Take care!


              Glad you are doing well, TKOSS!!!  We’ll take all the wins!  Enjoy.  celeste
                Congratulations! It appears you just hit the jackpot. Enjoy every minute of it.

                Optivo is Optivo regardless who administers it or where it is given. It will either work, or not or one falls in the inbetween stage.

                May you continue to be NED for years to come!




                  Great news and congrats! This is definitely one for the win column!! I’m still hoping to join you soon, I have an appointment with the surgical oncologist next week to discuss lymph node and what’s left of ol’ Fred (my non-affectionate name for the mole that started this mess) resection. I’m ready for it; currently on targeted therapy, started with Braftovi/Mektovi but I couldn’t tolerate it so moved to Tafinlar/Mekinist at half dosage and I seem to be doing somewhat better.

                  Go Sooners! 🙂 Take care and enjoy the NED life!!


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