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Melanoma Diagnosis Again

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      Had a small spot (less than a pencil head with some redness on my right shoulder in 2004.  GP said looks like nothing but referred me to a dermatologist.  Dermatologist said probably nothing or possibly basal cell.  Biopsy came back as melanoma.  Wide incision was performed and margins clears.  I don't remember the depth and my records don't go back to 2004.  Fast forward to January 2, 2018 – had my 6 months dermatologist appoint and once gain everthing checked out OK.  The next day I developed a rash over my left armpit – brite red.  I thought maybe heat rash so treated with some lotion.  This did not go away so I went to visit my GP.  He looked at it and said shingles.  So I get treated for shingles.  Mid March and the rash is still there and I noticed swelling just outside the armpit.  So I go back to my GP and he runs a blood test to check for shingles – nope, no shingles.  He did a chest xray which showed no tumors and checked the protein and ran an ESR test.  The ESR level was 72 so suggested a biopsy of the axillary lymph node.  The biopsy came back as melanoma.  What the heck??? Haven't had melanoma for 14 years!. Had a pet this week and the result show cancer in just the axillary nodes in the left armpit region.  I had a visit with a Melanoma specialist and the surgeon and they both discussed next steps.  Looks like I will get the nodes removed this coming Tuesday(though being they are cluster or as the surgeon put it, same zip code) and follow up with the oncologist for next steps (whatever they may be). Even the oncologist is having a hard time finding my results from 2004.  I'm thinking stage 3C but haven't heard an official diagnosis.  As an FYI, my wife had lymphoma 10 years ago remained in remission.  Unfortunately last March, she was diagnosed with AML (chemo related from lymphoma treatment).  Spent last year going through a SCT at the Mayo.  We were so ready to get our lives on track as we retired a little over a year ago.  We both agreed we need to skip the month of March.  So having participated in forums for lymphoma and AML, I now find myself a newbie when it comes to melanoma.  Looks like a lot of old info on the web so I will lean on this forum for info.  Forgot to mention that I'm still waiting for the BRAF results.  Any insights will be helpful in terms of next steps and some of the available options.  Both the surgeon and oncologist had good things to say about immunotherapy.  I will post updates for my sanity as well as those that find themselves going down this road in the future.

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          So sory for what you and your wife are dealing with.  Melanoma is a beast that plays by no rules.  However, treatments that are effective are now possible.  The world of melanoma treatment has changed dramatically just since 2011.  Here is a primer that I put together thay you may find helpful:  


          I know all of this is a lot to take in.  However, this may help you get up to speed on what to expect and questions to ask your doc.  Hang in there.  Despite all the hellish things I am sure that you and your wife have been through…a lovely retirement together it still possible!!!!  

          Sorry you must be here, but this board is fiilled with smart caring peeps.  Ask more questions as you need.  I wish you and your wife my best.  Celeste


              I can only echo Celete's comments.  Sorry you are here however, this is a wonderful place to get info and support.  Good luck in your new battle… you CAN do it!!


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