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July marks the 8th Anniversary of being NED

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community July marks the 8th Anniversary of being NED

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      July is the mark of my husbands 8th NED Anniversary!

      He was in a Clinical Trial that started in March 2011 and became NED in July 2012. When he became Stage IV with an
      unresectable lesion pushing on the C1 C2 Cervical spine, a few subcutaneous lesions, lesions in the lungs and lesions in the liver.
      His trial was Ipi (Yervoy) 10 mg/kg IV for every 3 weeks and GMCSF (self injected every day for 14 days and then 7 days off).
      He remained on this regiment until Dec. 2013.

      He does have vitiligo of the eyebrows, parts of the beard and face down to the collar bone. He also has a few white blotches
      on his arms. His adrenal gland does not work properly and has to take 5 mg of prednisone daily.

      If you would like to read more about his journey, which started in Jan. 2008 with Stage III and 4 surgeries later he became
      Stage IV, check out his profile page.

      Judy (loving wife of Gene – Stage !V and NED for 8 years)

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          Ratties Rock!!! Thanks for helping put ipi on the map and a revolution in the treatment of melanoma in the works, Gene. Thanks for sharing, Judy. Enjoy! celeste
            Wonderful and welcome news as always. Gene, congratulations on your NED status and not only on being a rattie but a true melanoma warrior as well. May you remain healthy for many, many years to come.
            I have family in Cleveland and have many fond memories of numerous visits to the Flats, Lakewood, Rock n’ Roll Museum and others.
              Congratulations Judy and Gene! That is always a reason to celebrate and thank you for being a clinical trial hero. Your contribution is invaluable!
                YAY for clinical trials and complete responders!!!
                  Thats awesome Judy! I can only dream at this point to look back at a day where my scans are clean and free from the bonds of Melanoma, it can happen but take one cycle of Immunal Weaponry at a time. Im proud to say my oncologist Dr. Omid Hamid was one of only a handful Phase 1 & phase 2 trial doctors in the world back then that oversaw Yervoy, Keytruda & Opdivo in its clinical infancy, investigating in depth of its molecular workings, and wrote manuscripts into top publications like New England Journal of Medicine and top cancer related articles in world renowned annals of cancer treatment and prevention….good news Gene!
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