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Hey! And Trip Report

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    Julie in SoCal
      Good Morning, Friends!

      I’ve been back from Sheri & Julie’s Awesome Adventure 2020 for a few weeks now. But I went straight into Chemo (talk about a rough way to end a historically amazing trip).

      So here are the stats:

      Miles: 2800
      Flat tires: 1 on Chubbs the tiny trailer coming home
      How many times people said “Sweet!” or “Cute” or somehow praised Chubbs.:36.
      Ave MPG: 26.7
      Camping mishaps: 4 Forgot the tent poles, forgot my wallet, had to fix the stove, set up the portapotty on an incline- I couldn’t get up without spilling it’s contents all down the floor of the tent. Yes Sheri came to my rescue, but not before a good laugh or two.
      Friends we meet along the way: 10 (priceless)
      Animals we saw: Bison, white tail deer, moose, horses, blue heron in a nest with two (ugly) chicks, squirrels, chipmunk, prairie dogs and a bazillion mosquitoes. We didn’t see any bears, but we know they were around. We also didn’t see any wolves or bald eagles :-(. We will have to go back!
      Times we looked up, saw something amazing and said “WOW!”: Lost count!

      Truly it was amazing if it wasn’t the beauty surrounding us, it was the fun and fellowship of the friends we were with. Often it was both! My heart is full and I am so grateful for my friends — especially Sheri. I couldn’t have done it without her. I knew the altitude would be hard 5-8,000′ but I didn’t realize how hard. If I had to climb any incline I was toast. And everything is on an incline. Every breath was a reminder that I have stage 4 lung cancer as I ran into one limitation after another and needed help. But my friends were there with me, seeing my struggle and helping me. I really have no words to describe how this makes me feel- the closest thing I can think of is that this is grace. Thank you friends for extending grace to me.

      If you’re interested: Here are a few pix from the trip:

      Ok this is plenty long, so I’ll quit for now.

      Wishing you all peace!

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          Gorgeous photos. I wanted one of Chubbs in action though. :(
          Sounds like a fantastic trip.
            CutaneousClinical Trial ParticipantNEDMucosal
            Hi Julie,

            Those photos are amazing. Must have been an absolutely fantastic trip and I am sure you are already making plans for another adventure next year. You are always positive and this is the right attitude. Take good care and I hope the Chemo is not affecting you too much.

            A big hug


              Oh, Julie!!! So glad you had a good time and found such love, beauty and joy!!!! Your pictures are lovely. I know the snapshots in your head and heart are even better! Sorry you had to come home to chemo crap! I’ve been to Glacier, but hope someday to see the Tetons and Yellowstone.

              Grace. An amazing feeling isn’t it? No one deserve it more than you. Take care. Hugs and love, les

                Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and the unforgettable trip experience with us. Now, you get to keep those wonderful memories imprinted in your mind and close to your heart.
                Wishing you all the very best during your treatment and recovery and hoping the side effects remain mild.
                  Julie, It sounds like a great experience. A lot of memories to keep you smiling. Thanks for sharing.
                  I am sorry you had to come home to chemo. But I wish you the best.
                  Judy the loving wife of Gene
                    Thanks for sharing Sheri and Julie’s excellent adventure. Scenery is breathtaking and the memories are priceless. So, glad you got to experience it in the chubs moblie. Take Care Julie and hopefully the chemo will be kind to you.
                      Julie – sounds like the trip was good for the soul. So glad you were able to enjoy your time on the road. The photos look amazing – I am in awe of our national parks and love traveling to see all the beauty. Take care.
                        Wow, congrats on the great trip! Lovely photos–particular 6397. Wishing you all the best with Chemo. And, of course, a belated welcome back.
                          Ok Ansel Adams, those photos were amazing! so sorry for the delay in responding, but sounds like that was a trip of a lifetime filled with love and community. Doesn’t get any better than that Julie! So glad you had such a great time and I can’t believe how tough you are, the altitude is pretty tough on those that DO NOT have stage 4 lung cancer. You are amazing and sorry you had to come back to immediate chemo, that is quite the transition for sure. Hugs and hoping chemo works quickly and effectively. I need to see many more of your photos!

                          The portapotty thing was pretty funny!

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