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    adriana cooper

      I want to wish everyone here a happy holidays and that everyone here can be free from this horrible disease.  Although Adriana is free, I still feel its grasp on me. I find that I check in here most every day, I think hoping that I can be of some help to others or just for the conection to the community (family) here. My wish is that each of you can put  it behind you and never think of it again. I would like to share my strength and support to all who have lost a loved one or friend these past many years as well as those are fighting now. Also my special thanks to those that continue to help others on here even though they could just as well put it out of their mind. May you all be blessed to enjoy the memories and experiences you have and continue to make new ones. Love each other and hold one another tightly. 


                                                   Happy Anniversary Adriana, I love you and Miss You


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          Rob, I too, come on here almost daily even though it has been 9 months since my father passed from this awful disease. I come on to see if I can offer some input for others but also with hopes to see good news for all the people I got to know, and had such tremendous support from during my dad’s struggle.

          I pray for healing and strength for everyone fighting and also strength for anyone helping a loved one through this struggle.



            Hey Rob,

            Messaged you in your other post…but in case you didn't see it….I will always hold you and Adriana in my heart.  Hang in there.  I hope you can enjoy the holidays in some small measure.  May 2018 help you find peace and joy.  Much love, c

            sister of patient

              Hi Rob,

              As you and Annie have said, I come almost daily too, although we are winning our fight – but I never want to miss an opportunity to learn something new or read someone's news. But I have wondered how you've been doing too and I will NEVER forget what an example of grace and courage you and Adriana showed to the world – you touhed my heart in ways I can't even express!! I wish you well, always!!

              Big hugs from Canada.




                So good to see a familiar name today. I still regularly think of you and Adriana and some of the others who have passed since I’ve joined this forum. I try to be as good of a caregiver as you were. I haven’t been posting lately, but I am so truly grateful for everyone who sticks around to support those who are still fighting.  My heart goes out to everyone who is a patient here and I pray for a miracle cure every day.


                  Dear rob

                  your love for Adriana is inspiring. Thanks for staying with us on this board




                    Dear Rob,

                    As someone whose life love also has been stricken by this disease, I can only wish for your strength and grace. Thank you for sharing and for the generous spirit you show in expressing support for all of us still in this battle. I wish you peace in the new year. ~ Carol

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