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3A+, New Here, questions about Diet/Supplements

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      Hi Folks! I just received the news that my SLNB came back positive. Wi
      Waiting on PET scan, and doc says that we will start Opvido soon. I am freaking out.

      For those of you who have been battling for awhile, I’m really curious about diet and supplements that seem to work for you. I just started CoQ10 yesterday (though my doc thinks I may be wasting my money, I think), Vitamin C, vitamin D and a Mediterranean diet. We’re jumping in feet first with the no refined sugars bit. I’m really hopeful that we can starve this cancer, but is that all just hokey? I know there is a lot of quack science out there.

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          Opdivo is good stuff. I wish it had been available when I was diagnosed. 

          As far as eating goes, just use good judgement. I don't believe you need to stick to any specific diet. These diets usually work for a while and then you fall off the wagon anyway. This is true regardless of whether you have melanoma or not.

          Just shoot for a lifestyle change and try to avoid things like refined sugars and processed foods. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. If you want to eat meat, lean meats are better than fatty meats. But if you indulge every now and then don't beat yourself up over it.

          As far as the supplements go, Vitamin D is the most helpful. But get your levels checked before you begin taking supplements so the proper dosage can be determined. I take 5,000 I.U./day. 

          As far as the other stuff goes, if you notice you are feeling better, then keep on taking them. If you don't notice a difference, then stop taking them. It's the same as if you didn't have melanoma.


            Sorry for what you are dealing with, Sarah!  The bottom line about nutrition and cancer it seems deep in your heart you already know:  

            1.  Basic normal healthy diet and exercise are best for all of us….cancer infested or otherwise.

            2.  Cancer cannot be "starved" unless you starve the person to death and that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

            3.  Yep.  LOT's of quacks working actively to make money off desperate cancer peeps are out there just waiting!

            Now…  That doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to help yourself.  I have been following and reporting real live data and research on all things melanoma related for YEARS.  Here is a link to a thread that covered lots of opinions and ideas and to which I posted  a comment filled with links to reports and research articles around the things your are asking about:


            And should you start thinking about probiotics (the latest and greatest data says – DON'T – eat culture rich foods instead) – here is a thread that talked a lot about that:  


            The search bubble on this forum can link you to much more though others will probably chime in as well.  Hope this helps.  I wish you my best. Celeste


                Multiple doctors have suggested the following for me and they are helping for sure:



                vitamin C

                There are medical studies that support each one of them. I’ve experienced a decrease in number of tumors. I’ve had over 20 primaries, many pre cancers, squamous cells, etc 

                My last 30 biopsies came back with about half of them positive as opposed to my normal 100% positive. 

                Hope this helps!


                Healthy diet, nothing special.  I do take multivitamin and D+K. I keep up my fiber intake along with culture rich foods.  There may be a link between gut biome diversity and effectiveness of anti-PD1 like Opdivo.  You can’t get diversity from probiotics.  

                There’s a lot of talk about ‘starving’ cancer with a Keto diet.  While I have a friend with glioblastoma who swears by it.  But there isn’t evidence for melanoma so I’m not doing it.  

                Exercise is important too.  I drag myself into it some days but am always glad I did.  

                Best of luck to you.  Keep us posted.  


                    Just to add onto this, I was specifically told by my naturopathic doctor to not take any supplements with glutamate in it because melanoma feeds off of it. 


                    First, I know nothing.

                    But I do take the following daily:

                    Vitamin D

                    Curcumin / Turmeric



                    Vitamin B


                        From what i been reading, 

                        Turmeric with black pepper,  PABA,  Resveratrol, Vitamin D…if you want to extend yourself to prescription med's,   try Propranolol


                        ed williams

                          When one of the most common side effects of Immunotherapy esp. ipi+nivo is rash  or colitis and Propranolol list two of it's side effects as rash and colitis, would recommending some one take propranolol really be a wise choice?See following link of side effects of propranolol, please be carefull taking advice about Melanoma cancer diets from anyone other than your oncologist!!!


                            I agree with the part about propranolol.  But Md's and Oncologist are not taught about anything but prescribing drugs.  They have no idea about natural substances that could help you with problems you are having.  That is why big Pharma is getting pushed by doctors.  


                            Ed's point is well taken.  Here is an article in which researchers note that combining "alternate" therapies with conventional therapy for melanoma can turn out…BADLY!!!  


                            For what it's worth.  Celeste

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