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      Hey everyone. Moh’s went well last week on the tragus. A bit of reconstruction to rebuild, and make it look pretty normal actually. Is healing good. Had four biopsies at the same time, and two came back melanoma. That’s 14 total now for me. Took the wind out of my sails a bit on that news. Setting new records everywhere I go. Still feisty.


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          If nothing else Bob, keep finding them early and chugging them off! You are a prime melanoma advocate to follow and it is my belief you won’t ever progress further.

          I had genetics done on my condition and nothing of familial origin was found. Have you investigated that?

          Everytime I see my whole body photographer dermatologist, he takes one out out of precaution. I can so live with that. I thank him every time.

          Cheers man!

              Yes sir! Early detection, and make it go away.. I’m all about that too! As far as the genetics testing, no I’ve not had that done, but it did come up in conversation last week. I’m game for anything that will give a deeper understanding of what’s going on, and feeling good about the dialogue with my new providers. The moh’s surgeon told me that the lesion on my ear would have never been a blip on his radar, and he was lowering the threshold on me for removing any, and all that looks any kind of funky. When he called with the biopsy results yesterday, he said he was shocked that two came back for melanoma. I take comfort in shocking these guy’s.
              Thanks for your comments,
              Cheers buddy!
              You are amazing, always one step ahead of that melanoma monster! You are also continued proof that shows being proactive, vigilant and remaining so over the years really works!!!
              Wishing you continued success.
                  Thanks for the words of encouragement Melanie . Always hopeful some of my journey can be helpful to others who may visit our site here.
                  I’m glad the surgery to your ear turned out pretty well, Bob!!! Also glad that any problem lesions have now been removed. Still, it all sucks doesn’t it?! Sorry for what you have endured, but so glad you are proactive. You and Janner seem to have pulled the same melanoma ticket. Hoping you have good healing and find no more concerning spots! Rest up! Celeste
                      Hey Celeste! Yes it does suck, no doubt, but all in all I’m feeling better than I have in a long time with everything. New eyes, opinions, and procedures is giving me a boost. The moh’s surgeon was top notch, worked hard and making the tragus look anatomically correct saying that he was planning on me living to be an old man, and he was thinking I may need a good place to rest a hearing aid in the future. Gotta love a cutter with a sense of humor! Pulled me so tight from the side of my face towards the tragus, that the crows feet under my left eye all but dissapeared!
                      You know I’m always hopeful that Janner will be back. Miss her a lot.
                      Thanks for all you do for everyone here gal.
                      A Hui hou!
                        Humph. I’ve had brain surgery three times and I still have those damn scowl marks by my eyebrows! No fair!
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