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10years and cruising

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      Hello everybody, 

      Very sorry that I didn't give myself a shout out for being disease free 10years in March.  I remember how inspiring that used to sound.  My treatments involved biochemotherapy, interleukin 2.  Lung removal surgery and 6 brain surgeries, SRS and patch brain radiation, lots of prayers and a supportive wife.

      My philosophy was never give up until you know all of the options are out, and know all of your options in case scans come back with bad news.  I used to get daily google alerts for melanoma survivors and new melanoma therapys to have knowledge and inspiration.  

      The other reseource I used was  I used to study those expermental therapy's like a Sears toy catalog seeing which trials would apply for me.

      Since my last brain surgery, (2010 for getting rid of radiation necrosis) I have started my own housecall veterinary business (with my wife) had a son (Jedd (named after the great Jedd Wolchok)) who will turn 6 on May 5, torn down a house and put a new one in it's place,  

      So, to sum it up,  There is life after melanoma survival and just because the chips are down doesn't mean you are out of the game.  When I go to church I often pray for the people who are fighting and their loved ones supporting them and those that have been lost(see I haven't forgotten my peeps).

      I wish everybody well.

      Best Regards,


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          Wow.  Quite a story.  Well done.


            Amen!  Thanks for sharing.  Live large!!  celeste


              Congrats and thanks for posting from a newbie.  LIke you, I always like when I have options – it gives me reason to keep going.


                I stumbled across your profile and previous comments a few weeks ago and your story has given a Stage 4 newbie like me even more hope and strength. I’m 32 with a 2 month old baby who was born two weeks before I found the mass in my brain and two smaller spots in my lungs…so, I am not going down without the fight of a lifetime. 

                Your story is amazing. Thank you for sharing it and always coming back to keep all of our spirits up!

                sister of patient

                  Love it!!! Sharing these stories is soooo important!! Thank you John, may NED be yours forever!! Best wishes to you and your family!!


                    Hey John! Nice to see you post, can’t believe Jedd is 6! Time flies and glad everything is going well!

                        This is a wonderful post!  I remember when Jedd was born as if it were yesterday…Congratulations on his 6 years and your 10!



                        Thanks for sharing. Hope for us all. 


                          Wonderful! Read your post to my husband (the patient). I'm going to borrow your sears catalogue phrasing. A friend was just diagnosed with brain cancer (not melanoma) and clinical trials are not on his radar. Thank you. 


                            So happy for you and your family!  There literally is nothing better than these posts about long term survival as well as life going on during and after treatment.  Congratulations and you've done the community proud!

                            Rick from NC

                              I second John's comments.  I'm coming up on 26 years NED after IL-2 complete response in 1992 at NIH.  I was 36 years old at that time; now I'm 62.  Complete responses are often durable!  I still read this site frequently and wish all of you the best.


                                Thanks for posting John.  Very inspirational.


                                  Thank you for this. My husband moved from stage 3 to 4 yesterday.. Your story gives us hope. 

                                  [email protected]
                                    great to hear that its possible…going through necrosis myself now …and love to here the good news stories..well done
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