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Dad started with a small spot on his right temple ear area that was diagnosed as melanoma…He had surgery and lymph nodes checked and they were clear.. 2 years later a spot on his belly would not go away, he was told by anurse it was an ingrown hair. ^ weeks later at his reg derm. appt it was biopsied and found to be melanoma. A pet scan was done and shows Melanoma in his lungs, liver, abdomen, pelvis bone, and right ventrical…..He was givin the news from a Dr whom he had never met before and her words were go home and get our things in order, you have months to 12 months to live, Dad is 80…… but a young 80 and told her he wanted options… I dont think she thought it was reasonable until I TALKED to her. My dad goes fishing, helps us bale hay, mows his lawn , goes with friends and has an aunt 97 years old living on her own ! No going home to die was not an option… We sought a second opinion at Mayo, The options we have are yervoy at the standard perscribed dosage or a trial where triple the normal dosage and a shot daily to boost white blood cells.. we are still in shock and are having difficult time with this…

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