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Hi 51 years old and live in Las Vegas. Dx with melanoma 02/02/2011. Married almost 30 years to a wonderful man named Bill. Daughter age 16 named Gaby.

1-26-2011 Biopsy medial to right knee of pink lesion that had been watched for a couple years and changed last summer when I had an edge frozen because it became “crusty”. Lesion peeled and seemed better. Later in year it looked like it needed to peel again. I picked at it and it started to bleed and never healed.

Bx results:Superficial spreading melanoma. Clarks level at least IV, Breslows thickness at least 2.35 mm, vertical growth phase present, ulceration present, lymph vascular invasion absent, perineural invasion absent, regression absent, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes not brisk, mitotic figures up to 10 per mm squared, tumor micro satellites absent, precursor lesion absent.

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