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My husband was just diagnosed with Sinus Mucosal Melanoma. We meet with our new oncologist today to get the details of all the tests. From what we read… this doesn’t sound promising and this is the only 6 case they have seen here. We are at a HUGE institute and afraid to be the 6th case. Can anyone help us – we have had the tumor removed and inferior turbinate removed 3 weeks ago, the bloody nose stopped, his congestion stopped, and feels better. We were told to get a PETCT and the liver had something on it and we then told to get a MR which was done yesterday of his liver with and with out contrast. They are saying no more surgery of his face (sinus) and I am finding this very difficult to understand and know what to ask. I just found this site today and hope someone can reach out and help me help my husband. This is extremely scary and we just got married 2 years ago.. We are ready to live our lives together and fight this however we can. Please send any and all suggestions. Prayers too if you can. thank you and I cannot believe the people here helping one another – I hope I can do the same someday.

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