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      Thank you all for your replys, i had hurry and say something befor i try and sleep, i have to turn over in this damn bed for circulation and bedsores to, im gunna be gettin help walking again, iv been down about 15 days and recently been doing bed excersises, so ehen i do get out of bed itll be easier…i love you and i prsy for sll of us…xoxo
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        ed williams
          Hi Mike, wow two posts in the same week, it is almost like old times where your name was up a regular basis. I miss your voice and sense of humor on the forum!!! I hope that the pain is being managed well and you are keeping the hospital staff on their toes!!! Post again soon at let every one know how you are feeling!!! Sending lot’s of “Love” to you from Canada!!!Ed
            Good for you, Mike!!! Before you know it, you’ll be cruising the hallways like the trooper you are! Hope you were able to get some rest. Wish I could visit you, sending virtual hugs instead. But…..if I could get there, I bet we’d soon be having some wheelchair races and popping a few wheelies in the next few days!! Love, les
              Excellent Mike,
              Get stronger and stronger. Love having you on line again. If I were there, I would race you in my wheelchair. Hugs and love to you.


                Mike, bet you are killing those old bed exercises. Sure is good to have two posts in the same week to hear from you. I seem to remember you love to rescue animals, hoping your hospital has therapy dogs coming in, they sure help with the healing. Thinking, praying and sending virtual hugs to you my man. Keep up those exercises and get your strength up and hope your pain is well managed.
                  Hi Mike! I tried to think of something sensible to say but the words just seem to escape me and I am at a loss no matter how hard I try. You were the first to welcome me on this forum and your sense of frindship and openness, as well as humor is absolutely incredible, something I will definitely never forget. You have this amazing gift of connecting with people and making them feel at ease under the most difficult of circumstances. I know that you have fought a courageous battle for so many years and although you have had some unfortunate setbacks, I still feel that your battle is not over yet. You are a super melanoma warrior and an example to us all. I know that I am definitely a better person because of you.
                  My utmost respect.
                  Best wishes always and I am forever grateful, now go kick some _ss!
                    Hey Mike!
                    I haven’t been on here for probably a year or so. I’ve tried to reach out on Facebook but I’m sure you haven’t had much time to get on there. And I’m glad there is an update on here.
                    The love I have for you friend is something I can’t express well enough. You’ve had my back through the hardest times of my life.. I only wish I could be there with you now to hold your hand. I pray for no more pain. And for some comfort. I think about you constantly. You are a true badass. Through and through. Love you Mike.
                      Hey Mike,
                      Thank you for your example to us all. I don’t log on as much as I used to but for the last year anytime I do log on I always looked for your latest status. Been routing for you a long time now. Sorry your journey has been such a tough one but you sure have handled it with class. There have been a handful of members on here that I will always remember and you are definitely one of them. Hope you are at peace and surrounded by loved ones. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
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