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Sunscreen in schools

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      adriana cooper

        Duh, I missed this on the front page from last month, Guess I should visit there more often. :>) 



          Hey Rob, 

          a.  You're right!  

          b.  You've been a little busy/

          c.  How you and Adriana do'in???

          d.  How's the poopage?

          Big hugs to you both!!! love, c

            adriana cooper

              C. Actually amazingly well. The woman has drive to fight back. We have booked a trip to Los Angeles mid June for a grad present for our son and daughter. Hope to keep going forward from here

              D. Still on the Yo-Yo but mostly under control. Yea.

              She thought it was pretty funny to shock me last night (so did I), she was in bed when I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back in she was sitting in the chair that had its wheels locked and was 5 feet across the room waiting to go in to the bathroom (walker was out side.) I glanced through the hallway without a thought and was like wait–whaaa. Like seeing a ghost or something??? I think she has been getting up dancing around and spying on me when I leave the room for quite some time. surprise

              Did I mention off hospice April 17 so as to refill and continue Taf/Mek? Seems to be helping and I think the radiation wasn't a total failure.


              She was thinking outloud today that she might like to have some MRI scans to monitor her brain and spine and maybe have the ability to have some Gamma Knife if needed in the future. I'm not sure her current Dr. would agree as he seems to suggest when (if) things turn back around there is no fix.

              After all this, still hard to accept this way of thinking given her resiliency

              Take care. Nice outfits  and photos you have been making

              Rob and Adriana


                What an amazing video!  As a caretaker, I'm always amazed at the resiliancy of long term fighters who are able to battle back after significant setbacks!  Hope the forward progress continues.



                  OMG!!!!  Adrian, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep it up, girl!!!  I love it!  Thanks for sharing, Rob. Glad you are continuing the taf/mek.  Sorry you had to loose your support to do it.  She's so awesome…it is hard to know what to do next!!  Thanks, for the compliments.  A girl has to be silly and play sometimes!!  Just ask Adriana!!! I am so excited for your trip!!  Keep us posted! love, c

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