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Still NED – Almost 5 Years

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      Hi all! I seem to naturally want to update on here once a year for old friends and new faces. I know how much it warms my heart to see posts from those who’ve been in this world for a long time and are doing well.

      I just had my bi-annual scans and I am still NED!

      November will mark 5 years since my last infusion & surgery. The scan I have after that will be my last official surveillance scan (wow!).

      When I started on my immunotherapy journey in December 2015, there were no 5 year survival stats yet, Ipi had just been FDA approved a couple months earlier for adjuvant treatment. I then had to do Ipi/Nivo when Mel decided to creep further into my lymphatic system.

      Now that survival stats have been updated and my 5 year milestone is in sight, I have so much optimism for others just starting their journey and those still in the thick of it.

      Sending peace and positive vibes to all here.

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          That is so encouraging to hear of your 5 year NED anniversary! Congratulations and wishing you continued health! Cindy
            Oh, Jenn!! So lovely to read your news! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Weird and wonderful to learn you’re on your last routine scan, isn’t it? Take good care! celeste
              Well done Jenn!! I know you had a difficult time when on this board, with a few false starts and progression and in the end surgery did it! Maybe you were an early neo-adjuvant case: immunotherapy first and then surgery? We were roughly in a similar situation, local disease no spread or minimal spread but not going away either, I think I was a year or so behind you, for me adding TVEC to pembro seems to have made the difference and I am at almost 3 years NED (dont want to jinx it).

              It was great when you were here. Thanks too for posting

                  So good to hear you’re still livin the NED life Mark!
                  Congratulations 💗
                    Hi Jenn,

                    so wonderful to hear that you have passed the 5 year mark. When I was first diagnosed 3 years ago, I used to read a a lot of your posts and I know the road to being cancer free was not an easy one for you.

                    Enjoy life and dont forget to post a similar message (marking 10 years NED) in 2027 :)))

                    Take care


                      So happy to hear your success and sharing your optimism. I am newly diagnosed 3b doing targeted therapy prior to surgery. Carpe Diem!
                        Jenn, so much congrats to you! Your five years is well within sight. Hope you are planning a fabulous celebration.



                        Boise Steve
                          Congratulations! Mel came back into my life after 4.90 years in 2019 (I found out that I was on the “placebo” arm of a vaccine trial) :(. Following, enjoyed a surgery, went on Pembro (made it to my 6th infusion) and have been NED for going on 2 1/2 years! Next scans are in late March.
                            I love this type of post!
                              Jenn, that is terrific news! Congratulations! I am new to this forum. Joy
                                Congratulations! That is wonderful news!
                                  So good! Wishing you continued good health, Jenn!
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