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Still NED after 10 years

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    Kim K
      Hi all, it has been a while since I posted. I am still NED and insurance has long refused to pay for any more follow up. My oldest is now a sophomore and youngest starting middle school. Mom passed away and I have been with a wonderful man for the past 3 years. We are postponing our wedding until there is a vaccine for Covid but will have one heck of a party. (Yes we are doing a justice of the peace thing until then). My brother bought me out of our childhood home after Mom passed and I purchased a 45 acre parcel to move and expand our farm. Best part, no neighbors! It is also in lava zone 3 and only 12 miles from Hawaii Volcanos Natl. park where it is nice an cool most of the time. Once and a while I check in and hope to see my old-timer friends like Carole Kelley! Aloha All!
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          Super cool. On IL2, no less. My mother did a visiting-minister gig over in Oceanview a few years ago, and I went over to visit. Very unique area. Great milestone to reach.
            Thank you so much for your message. It gives us hope. I wish you much happiness and continued health stablility! Congrats on the upcoming wedding.
              Hey Kim that’s great! I’ve thought of you often over the years and wondered how you’ve been. You helped me a lot in my first brush with “the diagnosis “. Hard to believe that was over nine years ago already! Couldn’t be happier with all the good things in your life happening to you. Buy you a beer at the burger joint sometime to celebrate…hoping that place survives the covid thing. Sounds like you’re more up in my neck of the woods now…I’m still in the acres, doing well.
              A hui hou!
                Congratulations Kim! So happy for you, I remember reading your story when I first joined and it really gave me hope right after my husband’s diagnosis. This is wonderful news. Your life in Hawaii sounds wonderful, keep farming and enjoying life, your kids, and your upcoming wedding (post COVID vaccine discovery or at least some sort of drug intervention that helps and way more testing!)
                  Congrats, Kim. What a milestone! Congrats on the land – and the location!
                  Hang in there!

                  Rocco – NED since 2009, Stage IV In 2005

                    Wonderful! ALL of it. Enjoy! celeste
                      May I ask what treatment you had?
                        Well there’s a name I recognize! I rarely peek in here anymore so I’m so happy to see your post and see how well you’re doing. I was in touch with Carole for years but I haven’t heard from her in a long time. We sure had some crazy times in the chat rooms here in the early days. Nice to see you Kim.
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