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      5 years ago today I went through a bowel resection to remove a fist-sized melanoma tumor from my small intenstine. Those were difficult days – progression from stage 2 to stage 3 and then to stage 4. They cut it out and we started the frequent scans. I have never done any treatment beyond surgery. Days became weeks and weeks became months. Now here I am 5 years later still standing with no evidence of disease. Those days in the past almost feel like a bad dream at this point. Now I spend my time looking forward. My oldest starts college in the fall. I can dream about retirement some day. 

      I do not come back to this board much anymore but I still see some of the familiar names doing God's work providing encouragement, research, and hope for so many. I prayed that I would have the opportunity to come back here 5 years later and share some hope that there can be life after melanoma. So that is my message – for some of you struggling right now, do not lose hope. That next surgery or that next treatment or that next clinical trial treatment may be the one that does the trick. Stay positive and hang in there. 


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          Excellent, Kevin!! Thanks for sharing!  celeste


            Mr. Collins we appreciate your words of support and hope. May you continue to enjoy your marvelous life.


              These are the best posts!  So glad you are at the 5 year mark and NED!  That is definitely hope for everyone. Have a great 2019 Kevin.


                Fantastic inspiration for us all – congratulations!!


                  Well said KP, and spot on! Stay in the fight Warriors!


                    Great to hear from you Kevin.  Your's story is pretty amazing.  Feel like they should be researching your blood or something to find some great scientific discovery.  Keep on keepig on!


                    sally g

                      WOW….Congrats I wish you continued NED. Sally G


                        Thanks for sharing, Kevin.  I am new to this forum.  Read your profile – and my Breslow depth is 8mm as yours was years ago.  Still in early stages of finding out things…just have the initial pathology, waiting on WLE and SLN mapping surgery and staging. Doc wanted PET CT scan before surgery but  insurance denied.  Waiting on peer to peer.  Doubt it will be approved.  Maybe a CT.  Seems they would have to approve some sort of imaging with an 8mm and having a previous melanoma in 2013.  Really worried about insurance approvals going forward relative to my melanoma.

                        Anyway, congratulations!  Wishing you all the best.


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