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Rectal Medication also opening Taf capsules

Forums General Melanoma Community Rectal Medication also opening Taf capsules

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    adriana cooper

      There was a post here some time ago (I think) about rectal administration of medication, specifically BRAFi for those who can't swallow. I have unsuccessfully searched. If anyone can find or experience with it, would be appreciated. Also with opening Taf. capsules and mixing in yogurt or the like (just started this with Adriana today as a last chance.) she has been taking some of her meds rectally (oxy, dilauded, dex, topomax) but have gotten some oral replacements.  

      Adriana update coming. Obviosly not good.

      Thanks, Rob

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          Hey Rob, 

          First and foremost, I am sorry.  Secondly, I don't know.  Third, a lot of the meds you listed that you are giving rectally can be prescribed in liquid form…don't know if that would help you, but wanted you to know.  

          4).  I carefully perused the package insert for taf:

          It states very clearly not to break, crush, etc the capsule.  However, it is not time released.  But, the capsule is made of pretty heavy duty stuff…not just gelatine…so the capsule may serve the function of protecting the med while it is in the stomach.  That could be the case for two reasons – 1.  the med may be irritating to the stomach should it come in contact with it…ie if the capsule were not in place.  2.  the med may be destroyed by the stomach acid and rendered ineffective if the capsule is not in place.

          I suspect that giving taf without the capsule would probably do no harm.  However, mixing it with food…or due to the facts above…it may be rendered ineffective.  My best recommendation is to call a pharmacist…preferably one you know that will talk to you, who is also familiar with oncology drugs….and ask what the import of the shell is in taf's case.

          Hang in there.  Hugs to you both.  love, c

            adriana cooper

              Thanks, I had checked it over some too as well as consulted with the Hospice Nurse. I will try and follow up with SCCA Pharmacy tomorrow. We absolutely do not want to make things worse but do want to take any opportunity. Going to make an effort at a whole capsule tomorrow.  Some chance is better than no chance. Again truly appreciate all you bring to everyone here.


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