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Question skin rashes for Mekinist/Tafinlar Combo Users

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community Question skin rashes for Mekinist/Tafinlar Combo Users

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      I was diagnosed wtih Stage IV Melanoma (metastases to multiple lymph nodes in my neck, chest and axilla) in late 2017. My original malignant melanoma was discovered in approximately 2001 through a suspicious mole on the forearm. The mole and surrounding tissue was removed. No further treatment was needed at that time. I was examined regularly by my dermatologist since that time.

      I have been on the Mekinist/Tafinlar combo with late 2017 and have done very well. The tumors shrunk very quickly and have remained as such. I have experienced many of the common side effects such has diarrhea, vomiting, chills, fever, very swollen feet and ankles. I have also experienced occasional skin rash type problems. I have not seen much information on skin problems listed, so I’m reaching out to the community here to see if anyone is experiencing similar side effects. Every few months I break out with raised red welts/blotches on my arms and legs. There is no significant itching or pain. I am, as we speak, covered with blotches that have spread from my arms and legs and now cover my arms, legs, chest stomach and face. Anyone have a similar experience?

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          Hi – my husband has been on Tafinlar for 6+ years. When MEK first became available, his doc tried to add to the Taf but he was never able to tolerate the combination without ending up in the hospital with severe chills/fever and adrenal insufficiency.. In addition, he often developed large red welts on his torso, arms and legs in advance of the worst of the side effects. The welts were never itchy or painful and subsided pretty quickly. I can still see faint shadows of the welts just prior to episodes of adrenal insufficiency, which he continues to have once a year or so.. After so many years taking Tafinlar, he’s pretty much adjusted with muscle and joint pain as the only remaining side effect.
            Hi! I was on Taf/Mek and had these many times. My Onc called them erythema nodosum and said they were a fairly common side effect. Once he put me on a short break for them but mostly we just continued. Mine stung especially if you bumped them or clothing rubbed on them.


              Northern Son
                Hi Linda i am on theTaf /Mek COMBO as well and have erythema nodosum as well and take breaks every 2 weeks as i can get as many as 30 spots.My doctor is suggesting steriods to possibly stop them , did you try steriods to resolve your E N.
                Hi there,

                I am in my 4th month of taking Tafinlar + Mekinist. I experienced skin rash during the first month, followed by a short period of itching ,which drove me nuts and was worse than the fever. Now in month 4 currently do not experience any side effects. As mentioned above, it seems to be a common side effect.

                I wish you all the best.


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