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Proton Pump Inhibitors – decrease efficacy of immunotherapy?

Forums General Melanoma Community Proton Pump Inhibitors – decrease efficacy of immunotherapy?

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      Hi All,

      I’m taking 2 Prilosec (PPI) and 2 Pepcid (H2blocker) in the evening to help manage gastritis/reflux. Some studies suggest the use of a PPI can lower the efficacy of immunotherapy. Anyone else have insight on this?

      Celeste, have you read any reliable article that supports this theory?

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        ed williams
          Interesting topic which caught my eye since I started taking Proton pump inhibitors from time to time, after developing acid reflux issues from Nivo treatments. never heard of negative association before but did come across some retrospective studies that you might find interesting! nothing was looked at prospectively that I could find so always good to take information from retrospective studies with the disclaimer that it hasn’t been studied in a controlled setting.
            Hi Ed,

            Thank you for sharing the articles. I will read them both. I know you’ve suffered quite a bit from reflux. I thought of you when I read my PET scan report and it showed intense FDG activity and wall thickening of the stomach, but the radiologist said favorable for “gastritis”.  I didn’t know gastritis shows on a PET scan. I thought that was interesting. My GI doc said if it’s not better on next scan he’s going to scope me. Despite taking double the usual prescribed dose, I still suffer daily. I’m not complaining though because I woke up today and we know the alternative could be worse.

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