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    I recieved news yesterday that a 12mm wide by .3-.7 deep nevus I had removed from the top of my head (in my hair) 2 weeks ago was melanoma.

    Ive been talking to drs most of today and my earliest consultation with a surgical oncologist is in 2 weeks.

    For at least 2 months i have been having constant aches in my stomach and slightly in my armpit which all testing for stomach had showed clear. Which during that time my wife noticed the mole.

    Everyone I talk to seems very casual because the thickness is considered a “thin melanoma” but I can’t help feeling it has to be related just based on how strangly awful I’ve been feeling. The thought of waiting 2 weeks for a consultation, probably another week at least for surgery and then waiting for more results really feels like a death sentence.

    Is there anything I can do, is this normal,  I’m hesitant to even post this because I know there are certainly people more sick or going through the same thing its just all very new and I’m feeling lost on what I should even be doing when sitting around im just feeling that things are quickly getting worse.

    Thanks for any help ❤

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      Danielle T
      I’m sorry you’ve had to join this community. I’ve had three primaries so I can relate on how it feels when you aren’t sure of your diagnosis. However, like you said with a thin melanoma the statistics are on your side to be cured after your WLE.  I’d try to stay off of the internet. I will tell you it gets better with time. Hang in there.

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      I think all of us can relate to the anxiety you are feeling right now. The unknown and waiting for a diagnosis/treatment plan are the worst!! You have every right to be worried and scared. Allow yourself to scream, yell, cry, or whatever. As Danielle said, the internet can be your worst enemy at this point, I made the mistake of googling way too much before I was able to meet with my oncologist and get more information about my specific situation. I know this is easier said than done, but try to stay busy and keep your mind occupied with other things – do things you enjoy and treat yourself to a nice meal here and there if your stomach is up to it. Once you have all the information and get started on a plan of attack you will start to feel better. Keep your chin up and best wishes! We are all rooting for you!


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