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      Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum – so my apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place. Last week, my husband had a biopsy of an inguinal lymph node and was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. He’s been great about getting regular skin checks – had one in February. (My dad died of Metastic melanoma in 1999 so I’m hyper aware of the disease.) My husband went back to derm on Friday and she checked every millimeter of his body but found nothing. So we are sure it will be Metastatic Melanoma of Unknown Primary. Currently we are at the ophthalmologist making sure nothing shows up in the eye. MRI later this afternoon. Oncology appt on Thursday.

      My husband is a very healthy 74. Im 49 and we’ve been happily married 22 years. We are self employed and work together – and when we aren’t on the road with our job, we walk 4 miles a day. So he is very energetic. But as you know, this diagnosis is devastating at the moment.

      Any words of wisdom, encouragement, advice would be greatly appreciated.



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          So sorry for what you and your husband are facing, LA! Very sorry also for the loss of your dad to this disease. However, things have changed a great deal in melanoma world since 1999. Actually they’ve changed a great deal since 2010 – as the current immunotherapies and targeted therapies were FDA approved starting in 2011.

          I put this primer of melanoma treatments together in 2017 and updated it just the other day – Primer for Current Melanoma Treatments – New and Improved Version 2022!!!!

          Sounds like you are checking things out in the order needed. Reviewing this primer may help as a jumping off point to discuss treatment options with the oncologist.

          While melanoma sucks great big stinky green hairy wizard balls, there is hope! I have been LIVING with melanoma since 2003! Stage IIIb at diagnosis. Stage IV with brain and lung mets in 2010. BUT!!!! NED (no evidence of disease) for melanoma since a Phase 1 Nivolumab trial in 2010, no meds since 2013! Hang in there. Ask more questions as you need. There are many wise and caring peeps on this board. I wish you and your husband my best. Celeste

              Celeste – Your response changed the outlook of my entire day! God bless you for replying and sharing your story! As soon as I post this reply I’m checking out the link. Praying for you as you continue to beat this disease! Again – thank you from the bottom of my heart! – LA
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