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    Rick from NC
      On this date in 1992 I had just returned from my followup visit to NIH after 3 rounds of IL-2 where I learned that I was a complete response to treatment. I knew that I was responding well to the IL-2, and it was thrilling to be able to feel my last SQ tumor grow smaller and eventually disappear. I had had mets to both lungs and numerous subcutaneous tumors. For several years, I worried about recurrence, but I learned that at some point a recurrence was unlikely. I was 35 when diagnosed; now I’m 64.

      Since then, I’ve not had any more melanomas. I have had several basal cell carcinomas, including 3 which required Mohs surgery on my face, but they had very nice cosmetic outcomes and haven’t recurred.

      I’ve been following this board for many years now, and it’s exciting to see the treatment of advanced melanoma progress. I know that progress sometimes seems too slow, but there are more folks surviving now than back when I was diagnosed. I fully recognize how fortunate I was, and I continue to be thankful. I hope you see me as an example of long term survival after a dire prognosis.

      My best to all of you.


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          Thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives hope to so many! Stay well

            Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
              Thank you so much for posting! We all need to hear a positive outcome, a hope.
              God bless you and be well!
                Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’ve just started my fight against malignant melanoma with Wide Excision surgery on my scalp and reconstruction, and Keytruda for a year starting this week, along with the scans, and I’m adjusting my thought process to understand it will be a life-long one. Feeling positive.
                  Oh, Rick!! You rocked it out with your IL-2 28 years ago and to this day! Thanks for sharing. celeste
                    Thank you for sharing your story. Glad you rocked that treatment. We need all the positivity possible


                      I love this story! Congratulations on 28 wonderful years! Thank you for sharing.
                        Congratulations and many healthy years to come!
                        Thank you for sharing this unique news with all of us.
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