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      I had a neck-to-toe PET scan and a brain MRI yesterday and got the results today. There was a bit of drama getting the scans and a little more drama today, but it turned out to be a drama with a happy ending., or at least a happy second act.
      At today’s visit, my oncologist came into the office with a worried expression and my wife and I both thought the worst. Then he asked me if I had any pain in my lower back. I told him, yes, I had slipped on a wet ramp two weeks ago and landed hard on my butt. I’ve had back pain ever since, but it’s slowly getting better. He immediately seemed relieved. Turns out the radiologist’s report on the PET scan cited intense uptake in the L4 region, for which he suggested further evaluation. After hearing that I had fallen, my doctor said that the findings were more consistent with a compression fracture than with bone metastasis.
      So, with that out of the way, he then went on to say that the scans showed no evidence of active disease, and that I only need to see him every three months for follow up scans. Oh, and that we should have a great summer. You bet!!
      From hearing the words “stage IV” last July, to diabetes in November, colitis in March, and being kicked off Nivulmab treatment in April, it has been a rocky road, but it has all been worth it.
      I know that there is no such thing as a cure at this time and that the melanoma could recur at any time, but now there is a much stronger likelihood that my eventual cause of death might not be melanoma. As I said to my wife, it’s time to start living the hell out of life. We’re playing with house money.
      For all the brave warriors on this site, whatever stage of the battle you’re in, thank you. Your stories have inspired me and humbled me. I’ve learned that anyone’s story can change at any time and I’m not going to take anything for granted. I’ve also learned that people are not statistics. We are all writing our own story and nobody can tell us how it’s going to end.
      Warrior on!
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          Congratulations! Well done. Welcome to the club!

          Best, Paul

              Congratulations – great news!!
              NAD is indeed RAD! As I always say, LIVE LARGE and enjoy!
                I like that analogy “playing with house money”. Congrats on the scans and enjoy the summer.
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