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It’s getting sporty here

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      Hey everyone, just checking in ,and coming up for air! 

      I've been paying attention to everyone's fight,and appreciate you all. With little to no luck finding anyone to play with here, I had decided to sell my place to get the funds for real  treatment.  Arguing to get an excisional biopsy vs.  a shave at this point of the game has gone beyond ridiculous. Such as it is here. Then 3 weeks ago, Pele cleared her throat and I nearly forgot about all this nonsense.  I've been temporarily stuck behind the lines helping friends move from rivers of lava, which ultimately claimed their homes.  It's very surreal having melanoma take a backseat to  more immediate issues.  

      Being in limbo is not comfortable, but I'm staying remarkably calm for some strange reason . I guess I'm just feeling super alive.  I've developed probably 20 lesions since I last checked in. All worthy  of biopsy. Not at all sure where I'll be tomorrow . Going with the flow. 

      Anyone want to buy a house on the big island? Beautiful red sky at night, deafening explosions round the clock, and air so thick it'll take the tartar off the teeth. Cheaper every day! Heh heh.

      Janner, Celeste ,and all others who have pointed me in the right  direction. .thanks a million . I've  learned the nomenclature beyond what I truly understand ,so now it's just a matter of getting off this rock  and getting down to business.  One foot in front of the other. 

      Eleven primaries and holding !



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          Good luck and keep your sense of humor. It will serve you well.


            Stay safe out there Bob, I've been watching things unfold out there each day on the news and as a guy that has been through a few real life emergencies I know video footage can only do the real thing so much justice. Let me send you a pre-emptive welcome to the mainland message! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, get safe, then get well Warrior!


              Seems like Pele may be blowing her top…rather than just clearing her throat, Bob!!  HA!  That has got to be some serious craziness indeed!  So sorry for all that you and your fellow islanders are dealing with!  Stay safe and thanks for checking in!!!  c


                You know where to find me, good luck with working on the next step.  Keep us updated and stay away from hot rivers!

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