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Immunotherapy and the COVID vaccine

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      Hi all,

      Since receiving my 2nd COVID vaccine on 4/17, I’ve been dealing with an increased number side effects from my immunotherapy. For me this has included a constant cycle of fever/chills, joint pain and swelling, and exhaustion. I’ve been able to manage through these things with patience and Advil, but I’m definitely ready for them to end.

      Has anyone else has this experience after receiving their COVID vaccines? If so, how long did it last?

      I hope everyone is doing as well as possible out there!


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          I had my first Pfizer shot one week before immunotherapy which I mostly had discussed. At the time I saw an appointment and jumped. My second was a week before  immunotherapy. No issues after. About three weeks later I add pretty complex outpatient surgery in the ear that was damaged by last brain surgery. The nerve damage in my face was pretty wild the first week but is back to its old self. Otherwise no real issues other than the fact that it took longer for me bounce back from surgery than I expected.
            Hi Amanda,

            My story is a little different but I’ll share anyways. My first COVID shot was while I was on Opdivo/Yervoy and the only side effect I had was COVID arm (swollen, red, and hot to the touch at the injection site) about a week after the shot. Second shot came around and I had moved on to targeted therapy (Braftovi+Mektovi) and I was already experiencing the symptoms you described but mine got much worse. A week after the shot I had to go see my oncologist and I was exhausted, running high fever, and felt awful. They had to give me 3 liters of fluid and put me on Prednisone…but they believe my reaction was a combination of the residual immunotherapy in my body, adding the targeted therapy, and then the shot. I ended up getting off the Braftovi+Mektovi because I just couldn’t tolerate it, so that was probably the biggest factor. I assume you have let your care team know how you are feeling? If not I would strongly suggest it and let them check you out. I hope things get better for you soon!


              Two weeks after second covid shot

              Mesenteric Dissection,  Pancreatitis,  Colitis,  Vitiligo,  Hypothyroidism,  skin eruptions.




                  Hi Jenn, my care team definitely knows. I hope you’re recovering well and working through your next treatment plans!
                    Wow, Caman! That is a LOT! It’s very hard to make sense of the combination of the vaccine and immunotherapy.
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