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I’m sad today

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      I'm thinking a lot today about the people I miss.  My brother passed away ten years ago on New Year's Eve (not from melanoma) and I lost both my MIL and my father this year.  Then I got to thinking about all of the special people on this board who we lost.  To the families of Josh, Adriana, Paul, Jamie, Shane, Juan, Charles, Julie's husband, Cberry's father, Cindy's daughter Kristine, Greg, JohnM, Annie's dad, Judy's Vince and all the other brave sould who lost their fight this year, know that your loved ones made an impact here.

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          Love,hope,strength and courage in the new year to all of the wonderful caring people on this board. 


            That is a very sad message about those who did not make it this last year.  It kinda goes against the hope i feel……………




              Thanks for recalling all those wonderful people Susan.  It is sad but important not to forget.  Here's to a promising 2018 where we can continue to make more progress against this awful disease.

                Thank you for remembering my dad Susan. I often think about those we lost this year as well. Especially last night, as this year ended. The holiday season has been extremely difficult for me but I’m trying to keep hope that those fighting will get a chance for a cure.

                Love to all.



                  Oh, Susan.  I am sorry for your losses and your sadness.  My heart aches daily for all of those lost peeps you mention, their families, and ever so many more sweet and vital spirits who have been part of my life all these years but are no more.  Or are they?  Certainly, they are not present in the way that I would like, and even more certainly in the way their families desire, but by keeping them in my heart…despite the hurt…they will never die.  And…after a bit, I even smile, when I remember sweet Joshie liked my "flimpie" blog post and the way Artie, said, "I dunno."  When Paul's gigantic spirit leapt off the page.  When….  Well, you probably know all that better than most.  Hang in there.  Thanks for sharing your heart.  Wishing you and yours a beautiful 2018 and beyond.  Celeste


                    Hey Susan,

                    I completely understand as well.  I just got home from MD Anderson a few hours ago and saw this post and couldn't believe it.  We had my husband's 6 month scans on the 9th floor in the Melanoma and Skin Center this morning.  As soon as we sat down in the waiting area, I started to cry (couldn't control it between the worry about our own results and knowing how many on this board have sat in this very same spot) and my husband just looked at me and asked what the matter was.  I tried to explain that I'm on this forum and I knew people that had been in the same very waiting room earlier this year and the past year and they aren't with us now.  I sobbed in the drs office as well when we went back for exam.  I just don't understand how some of us are here and others aren't, doesn't make a lick of sense to me.  it's hard, I thought about Josh being there at MD Anderson and I see the people in the wiating room just doing the best they can.  I can't believe my husband is here after 4 years NED (he had a large 22 mm tumor).  Many hugs to you and all those you have lost.  It's just hard 🙁


                      If we keep them in our hearts, then they never truly leave this earth.

                      Sending hugs


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